Lakecaster Online
June, 2002

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Lake Livingston

Sam Rayburn / Toledo Bend 

Scott David wins Texas Tournament Trail Beaumont Bass Angler Wins SE Texas Bass Federation Tournament
Fishing with Chris 5 Bass/12.26 Lbs Lands Rayburn Media Bass Win
OUTDOORS WITH KEITH WARREN 5 Bass/23-15 Lbs Lands Boater/Win For Rayburn BFL
Black Bass Fishing Six 20 Lb Sacks Dominate Rayburn Bass-N-Bucks Tourney
17.04 lbs Takes Victory For Operation Bass Great Lengths...Great Depths at 'Get Hooked on Fishing Not Drugs'
SUMMERTIME IS CRANKBAIT TIME ON LAKE LIVINGSTON 2nd Annual Corps of Engineers Team Spring Bass Tournament
Scott David win Wal-Mart Texas Tournament Pathfinder
  5 Bass/16.52 Lbs Nabs Excel Team Win
  5 Bass/22.58 Lbs Takes Excel Sportsman Series
  Clifton 'Bruce' Whitehead Wins Rayburn McSplash
  19th Annual SE Texas Oilman's Bass Classic - Toledo Bend
  14.14 Lb Semi-Pro Team-Catch Wins Rayburn Crappie U.S.A. Tourney
  5 Bass/20.90 Lbs Wins Rayburn Team-Splash
  5 Bass/21.13 Lbs Wins Jasper Chamber Tourney