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March, 2002

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Lake Livingston

Sam Rayburn / Toledo Bend 

Anglers Quest Twin Lake Tourny OF BASS & GALS
BIG BASS SEASON 5 Bass / 19.68 lbs Wins the 2002 Honey Hole Team Southeast Region Kick-off Tournament
Black Bass Fishing Rayburn Angler Lands 13 lb- 2 -oz Lonestar Lunker
Fishing with Chris 5 Bass/24.43 Lbs Tackles Toledo Bass-N-Bucks
  Trinity, TX Couple Takes Honey Hole Family Tournament
  5 Bass/34.73 Lbs-25.59 Lbs
  5 Bass/25.00 Lbs Wins Rayburn Excel Team
  Tournament Pathfinder
  Slow-Rolled TrapTakes Rayburn EverStart
  10 Bass/28.28 Pro/Weights Rayburn Quest Pro/Am
  5 fish / 19.08 lbs Wins Fishers of Men Kick-off Tournament