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By: Sue Crochet

Happy New Year! Have you made any New Year resolutions yet? Yeah, I know... you're probably thinking, "What's the use?", but think about it. At least resolutions give you something to work toward, whether or not you succeed. The most common one is to lose weight. Everyone wants to take off those extra pounds we found during the holidays. Actually, I've been on a weight-loss program for about 5 months now and slowly, but surely, have taken off about 20 pounds. What I'm having difficulty with is adding an exercise program to stay toned and help shed the pounds more quickly.

Since I love the outdoors so much, I have found that the extra weight and lack of activity have had a huge impact on my stamina. There was a time in the not-too-far past when I could fish all day in a tournament situation and still want to fish at the end of the day. Not any more! I still love to fish, but my energy level has taken a vacation. As a former aerobics instructor, I happen to know that no weight-loss program is complete without some type of activity. So, I guess you know what one of my resolutions will be!

How has your hunting season been going? What I've noticed the most is how losing weight has given me the added agility to climb stands and walk through the woods this hunting season. I had a great opening week on our deer lease ... one small doe on day one and a 4-point buck on day three. Since then, my husband has taken a 6-point and more recently, a beautiful 8-point buck. Needless to say, we have plenty of sausage and meat for the freezer!

My goal is to have at least another 10 pounds off by the time spring fishing season is in full swing. To do this, I plan to start a walking program... just 30 minutes three times a week. Did you know that exercising in cold weather makes you burn more calories? Sounds good to me... especially since I'd much rather exercise in cooler weather! I'm looking forward to this spring more than in the past couple of years, because we have a new lake home at Toledo Bend. I hope to spend a lot more time on the lake this year, so I want to be in good physical (and mental) condition.

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy this winter? Are your reels all cleaned up and ready to go with new line? Have you gone through your tackle boxes and eliminated/replaced lures? Is your big engine all tuned up and purring like a kitten? What does your boat look like? These are some things you could be doing during the dead time between hunting and fishing. We're in the process of ordering new rods and reels and will soon begin to get our tackle and boat lined out. It's really a good feeling to go to the lake for that first spring trip and have everything in good working condition.

So let's see... by February (or March) we'll be 10 pounds lighter and full of energy. The boat will be all cleaned up, motor and electronics working properly, rods and reels ready to go, and we'll have all the right tackle for all those bass we'll be pulling into the boat. Sounds like a New Year's plan to me!

The Lake Area Lady Anglers ended their 2002 fishing season at Sam Rayburn in November. Four women with the highest total weight for 2002 will represent the club at the WBFA Affiliate Club Championship in 2003. Team leader and Angler of the Year is Sue Crochet, 2nd Place is Tommie Domingue, 3rd Place is Liz Lewis, and 4th Place is Sarah Busby. Finishing in 5th Place, Mary Morris will attend the Championship as the team alternate. Congratulations to these ladies for their outstanding performance in 2002!

The Lady Anglers will hold their 2002 banquet in late January and set their first three tournaments for the 2003 season at that time. If you are interested in catching more fish, learning lots of new things, and just plain old having a lot of fun, please contact me at (337) 217-9283 or on e-mail at for more information. We'd love to have you!

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