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The longer I fish and the more anglers I observe, the more evident it becomes that when conditions get tough, most anglers return to what has worked for them previously....they return to that pattern/technique/tackle which has been successful for them in the past. The confidence factor is vital to many anglers and most are 'hard-sell' when it comes to changing the basics. Most of us say/think we are open to new innovations, but when it comes down to actually putting these new products into action when the money is on the line, we are oftentimes slow to change. One area among anglers where this is very evident is choice of fishing line.

We have strong...make that STRONG...opinions when it comes to line choice. We may experiment with many of the technologically new lines, but until they have been tried 'in the trenches', most will not be on our reels when it comes to show time. Such was my experience with Berkley's Vanish. Most of my fishing is done in clear, deep impoundments with the majority of it done on the southern portions of Toledo and Sam Rayburn and I had been looking for a line that had stealth qualities to get more bites, but yet was castable, durable and tough. Vanish is 100% fluorocarbon which basically disappears into light reflections created by the water. I knew it had that important feature but was not sure that it would hold up to the punishment a guide dishes out during a full day of fishing in grass/timber.

In late March I decided to spool 14 lb test Vanish on one of my Abu Torno reels which I had attached to a 7' Fenwick A/V worm rod. This rod/reel is one of my most used combos as I fish a Texas rig with a light weight a significant amount of time in April/May with scattered grass situations. 14 lb. test Vanish has been on that rig ever since as I have yet to have one break-off including an incident on April 1st when I landed a 10 lb. 5 oz. Toledo lunker which was tangled in hydrilla. I normally do not get that excited about a particular fishing line, but this new line really works for me. After the big bass on April 1st, my confidence in Vanish was secured. The big bass hit a watermelon seed ReAction Gator Pup with a 3/0 wide gap X-Point worm hook in 7' of water in the Mill Creek area.

AUTHOR INFO: Joe Joslin is a syndicated columnist, tournament angler and pro guide on Toledo. His sponsors include Lake Area Marine in Lake Charles, Skeeter/Yamaha, Pure Fishing, Stanley Jigs Inc., TTI Industries and ReAction Lures. Reach him at 337-463-3848, 409-565-1288 or email:

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