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Wilkerson & David rack up another win at Media Bass, team Talbot weighs in Big Bass
By Patty Lenderman

May 24, 2003 Pendleton Harbor Marina, Toledo Bend Lake

The thirty five teams who came out Memorial weekend on Toledo Bend to cash in at the Media Bass event had a hot day of it out on the lake. Summer is definitely here, as temps tapped the 90 degree mark and winds were low at best. These anglers fished summer time patterns, using top water baits first thing in the morning and then 'crankin and riggin' in deeper water throughout the day. Chris Wilkerson and Scott David has been on a winning streak in these events and it continued through for them again for this tournament. Contributing their good fortune to their 'lucky shirts', something tells me we'll see these outfits again soon. The big bass of the tournament, an 11.41 lb bass, was brought in by the father/son team of Cary and James Talbot.

1st place - 15.16 lbs - Chris Wilkerson of Livingston and Scott David of Goodrich, TX have been on a roll lately winning tournaments, and their luck held for them again for this event. Faithfully wearing their lucky shirts, as well as going to some familiar honey holes, they caught their first limit by 7:15am on Zara Spooks in about 2' depths. Once the topwater bite was over, they switched to Carolina rigged watermelon french fries throwing in deeper water, about 12-16'. When the bite on Carolina rigs quit, they knew there were still good fish there, they went to cranking Bomber Fat A's as well as DD-14's in chartreuse/white. Their kicker fish came at about 2:00. Chris and Scott fished main lake points and creek bends with logs, stumps and brush piles. This team is sponsored by Dave Mungenast Motor Sports, Texas Tire, Bridgestone Tire, Ranger Boats, Falcon Lures, Castaway Rods, Falcon Rods and Travis Boating Center.

2nd place - 14.75 lbs - Jim Alphin and Ben Matsubu, both of Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits in Hemphill, TX teamed up to take second place. Fishing the tournament was a last minute decision, Ben explained that someone told him the day before that he couldn't win in a tournament that he didn't enter. "We burned up today" Jim said when asked how their day went. They caught their fish on Texas rigged 7" Cut Tail color #323 in the Housen Bay area. Throwing in 12-15' depths, their fish were on the edge of flats along the grass. Their kicker, weighing in at 7.79 lbs came at 9:00. They also caught some on Carolina rigged watermelon 6" grubs, Senko's and some topwater baits. Reporting that they only had the five bites that made their limit, Jim said "the Good Lord let us have what we needed and that's it".

3rd place - 13.56 lbs - Father/son team of Gary and Greg McDonald, both of Lufkin, TX secured their win using Carolina rigged watermelon lizards and Dead Ringers. Fishing the mid lake area, their fish were in the brush and drops of the river in 17'-20' depths. They had their first limit in the boat by 9:00, and were able to cull 8 to their final weight. This team has been tournament fishing together for nearly 10 years, since Greg was only about 10 years old and looks like they will be fishing together for a long time to come.

Big Bass - 11.41 lbs - Cary and James Talbot of Finette, TX, another father/son team brought in this Toledo Bend beauty securing big bass honors. She bit around 8:30 on a Carolina rigged Zoom Paddle Tail in red bug. They found her in the grass, fishing secondary points on the south end of the lake in 8' depths.

For more information on Media Bass events please call Gordon Stauffer at 972-222-2207.

Sponsors include Nitro Boats, Mercury Motors, Berkley Power Baits, Rod Saver Products, Valeo Competition, Coca Cola, Interstate Batteries, Berkley Trilene, Lowrance, Plano, Bass Pro Shops, Eagle Claw, Terminator Lures.

1st place honors went to Chris Wilkerson and Scott David, heading the pack with 15.16 lbs

2nd place was secured by Jim Alphin and Ben Matsubu (n/p) with 14.75 lbs, including their 7.79 lb kicker
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The father/son team of Gary and Greg McDonald slid into 3rd place with 13.56 lbs

Team Talbot, (Cary & James) brought in the 11.41 lb Big Bass of the tournament

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