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Professional Anglers Association Celebrity Golf Tournament benefitting CAST for Kids Foundation<
By Patty Lenderman

In 2002, the Professional Anglers Association, know as the PAA, embraced the C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation, electing to participate in various fund raising efforts, to support the foundations goal and purpose of providing an on the water fishing experience for disabled and disadvantaged children. The PAA boast membership by the very best touring professional anglers in the country. With fishing greats like Paul Elias, Kevin Van Dam, David Wharton and reigning World Champion Jay Yelas as active members, the organization draws attention to any function they are associated with, and C.A.S.T. for Kids is proud to have been selected as a recipient of their efforts.

After nine months of hard work to put this function together, the first annual benefit golf tournament, involving the PAA and it's members, was held July 18&19, 2003, in Sam Rayburn Texas. Members of the organization, along with invited celebrities, participated as the fourth partner in a four person team golf tournament, held at the famous Rayburn Country Resort. Rayburn Country is a 27-hole championship course settled in the piney woods of East Texas. Rayburn Country Resort is no stranger to bass anglers, having participated with some of fishing's largest national tournament trails for many years. "We are very excited that the PAA and C.A.S.T. have selected Rayburn Country as the site for this tournament", stated Bob Almand, General Manager of the Rayburn Country Association.

The program began at 7:00 pm, Friday, July 18th, 2003 at the Rayburn Country Dining Hall with dinner and a silent auction. Sports related items were displayed and sold to the highest bidders. Entertainment was provided by singers Penny Walters and Kayla Chandler, both from Laurel, Mississippi as well as an autograph session, where your favorite anglers and Celebrities were available to answer questions and sign autographs. Art Pasley, the Southern Region Director for CAST for Kids opened the ceremonies on Friday night and Brother Bill Burke offered prayer. CAST Executive Director gave a speech and reminded everyone that each person involved is a very important part to help make memories for these kids. "What is here tonight is a truer picture of what America is all about, helping out the less fortunate" stated Owens. Lindy Hadly MC'd the ceremonies and introduced all of the PAA and NBA members present. Auction items included autographed jerseys from the fishing pro's, life jackets, autographed MBA basketballs, as well as autographed tackle items. The silent auction as well as the verbal auction done by "Elvis" raised important funds that will help with other CAST events all over the country. CAST teaches these disadvantaged and medically challenged kids about fishing, fishing ethics and it also teaches the parents how to handle the kids safely in these outdoor recreation activities, so that they too can gain confidence in taking these kids out on their own despite the handicaps. "The neatest thing is the smile from these kids as they experience these activities, many for the first time. They learn that they can do something besides just sit in their wheelchairs. What is neater than that, though, is the smiles from the boaters/anglers and the parents as they see the joy exuding from these kids" - Art Pasley.

There were eleven PAA members who were able to attend this function, many traveling quite a distance and making time in their busy schedule of tournament travel. Paul Elias, Zell Rowland, Jay Yelas, Terry Segraves, Mark Pack, Sean Hoernke, David Wharton, Todd Faircloth, Kelly Jordan, Ron Sheffield, Stephen Browniong and Elton Luce were among the Pro Anglers participating. From the NFL were Jimmy Turner, Tim Klund, Angelo King and Jimmy Turner. From the WBFA was Kathy Cater. Bob Sealy of Sealy Enterprises also came to participate in the event. Everyone had a great time golfing the tournament and there were activities for the kids as well. Texas Parks & Wildlife Inland Fisheries brought their catfish tank, rods and bait for all of the kids to catch fish. Vidor Bass Anglers taught casting, flipping and pitching techniques. Food and beverages were taken care of by the Stump Restaurant, Advantage Plus Home Health and Crystal Clear Ice.

For two years in a row, the CAST event at Ebeneezer Park on Sam Rayburn has been the largest in the country ever since the beginning of the organization. With a commitment to continue to make such a difference in the lives of these kids, Steve and Ronda Mays have stepped up to be the new CAST coordinators in this area. Art Pasley will continue to work with them with contacts, sponsors, locations to carry on and make it continue to grow. "It is all about caring" stated art.

Art gives all the credit for the success of these events to Kelley Jones, Sr of Pro Inspect, Rayburn Country, the Jasper Community, Mike Taylor of the Stump restaurant, Mary Ann Lambert of Rayburn Country, Mike Lout and Debbie Foster of KJAS radio, Steve and Ronda Mays who have been a part of other CAST events, there are so many other individuals, organizations and businesses to give thanks to for also helping to make these events a success. Many thanks are also extended to Buck Springs Water, Crystal Clear Ice, The Stump Restaurant, Mays Auto, Advantage Plus Home Health, KJAS radio, US Foods, Jasper Lions Club, Jasper Farm and Ranch, Rayburn Country, KRLD (Dallas), PAA, Texas Parks & Wildlife Inland Fisheries, Texas Junior Anglers, Vidor Bass Anglers Association, Just Archery, Travis Wright Band, Backlash band, Kayla Walters, Sealy Enterprises, Party Perfect, Rayburn Tackle, Lakecaster Publications, Corps of Engineers, Jasper Economic Development Co. (JEDCO), Tom Mclurg and all the good people of Jasper.

CAST began in 1991 in Washington state, and in 1993 obtained tax exempt status. By 1995 they began venturing to other states holding events and is now established in 33 states across the country.

Information regarding this unique and exciting opportunity to be a part of CAST and making a difference is available by calling the Southern Office of the C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation at 972-913-2933, mail to 1529 Sunview Drive, Dallas, Texas 75253 or e-mail or fax C.A.S.T. for Kids @972-557-8447. You can also visit their website at

Your participation makes you another Special Person, Helping Special Children,
"Catch A Special Thrill"

The Vidor Bass Association showed kids flipping, pitching and casting techniques

Some of the future anglers of America may just get their start at the catfish tank provided by Texas Parks & Wildlife Inland Fisheries
< photos by Patty Lenderman >

World Champion Jay Yelas lining up for a shot. His four person team won this golf event

Bob Sealy also participated in this tournament as one of the dignitaries, showing his support for the CAST organization

The Professional Anglers Association (PAA) and its members have recognized the important impact that CAST has on disadvantaged and medically challenged children. With the help of many, they organized this successful fund raising event

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