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By Joe Joslin

Hello Anglers. I am becoming convinced that there are few boundaries when it come to fishermen coming up with new ideas to make the task of catching fish easier and more productive. A good example is the reel pictured with this report...The Jeane Tackle Flip-N-Pitch. I have never seen or fished with a reel which looks at all like the F-N-P. Neither have I known of a reel that was designed with the main purpose of making pinpoint short casts into heavy cover. This reel is being produced by George Jeane Sr. and Jr., owners of Jeane Tackle Company of Evans, LA. The Jeanes are seasoned tournament anglers and have carried their fair share of bags of fish to the scales. They also are part of a breed of 'thinking' anglers who function with the concept that 'good' can be made 'better'. Here's a bit of history on the Flip-N-Pitch.

After many frustrating years of conventional reels that would buckle under the stress of short-casts, power fishing techniques such as flipping & pitching, the people at Jeane Tackle knew that they had to find a better way. In addition to handling the punishment of power fishing, the angler needed a system which would also take much of the effort out of delivering the bait to the strike zone. Through numerous trial and error tests in labs such as Toledo Bend and Lake Sam Rayburn, a revolutionary concept in reel design was formed. Several features of the Flip-N-Pitch set it apart from conventional reels. The main difference is the absence of the level wind mechanism present in most baitcasting reels. By getting rid of the worm gear and pawl, the line flows smoothly with a minimum amount of friction. Also, by taking these away, much of routine upkeep is eliminated.

Still, the most obvious difference in the reel is the narrowed and unique spool design. The 3/8 inch gap allows for greater cast control as the angler does not need to make contact with the line during a pitch. The thumbing is done directly to the spool surface and the reel works equally well with both mono and braided lines. I have fished with one of these for several hours and they are a blast to work. The reel has 4 ball bearings, 6.1 to 1 ratio and weighs a mere 8 ozs. The reel holds 45 yds of 20 lb. test and 65 yds of 15 lb. test. It takes a few minutes to get use to thumbing the spool instead of the line but after that adjustment is made, you are in for a pleasant, new angling experience. All serious anglers who Flip-N-Pitch might want to test one of these quality reels. Jeane Tackle can be contacted at 337-286-5093, 191 Emmit Jeane Rd, Evans, LA 70639 and This new reel has patent pending.
AUTHOR INFO: Joe Joslin is a syndicated columnist and pro guide on Toledo Bend. His sponsors include Yamaha/Skeeter Boats and Motors, Pure Fishing, ReAction Lures, Stanley Jigs Inc., G.T Industries and TTI Industries. He can be reached at 337-463-3848, 409-565-1288 and

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