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By Joe Joslin


HELLO ANGLERS: What's this fishing all about anyway? Some folks assume that it is about 'just' catching fish. While putting a few fish in the boat never hurt any outing that I have been on, it normally is not the most important event that occurs on a fishing trip. Often, some of the best times of a trip happen several days before the trip when you and your fishing buddy or spouse and kids talk about/plan and shop for the trip. Then there's the night before, when anticipation gets you so excited that sleep is basically impossible, and you watch the alarm clock half the night.

Fishing is also about giving balance to a hectic work week, a time to relax and unwind. It is about buying your son's first rod and reel and watching him catch his first fish. It's about lifting your young granddaughter up in your boat and not let it bother you when she turns on all of the control a matter of think it is funny. It is truly amazing how a twenty-five pound, blue-eyed, blond-haired little girl can mess with a grown man's logic.

Fishing is also about spending a day on the lake with a good friend. Most serious anglers, if we are fortunate, have one or two close fishing 'buddies' with whom we have shared countless hours/days on the water. It is not everybody that is such good company. If one spends enough time on the water, sooner or later something memorable will occur and it oftentimes is funny. In time, these memories/experiences multiply and before you know it, a portion of life has flown by. Reliving such moments with life-long friends is a joy. These truly are 'keepers.'

ON A PERSONAL NOTE.... most of us have one individual who handed down the passion of fishing to us while we were children. For me, that person was my dad. Dad's work ethic would not let him take many vacations, but when he did take off a few days, water was usually nearby. Our family fishing/camping trips bring back beautiful memories. We have spent a lot of time on the water and greatly enjoyed both the fishing and being together.

However, because of Dad's health, the last two years have resulted in more talking about fishing than actually fishing. Many times, after a day on the lake with clients, I would call Dad to catch up with family news. He always wanted a detailed report on how many fish we caught and what patterns we used that day. On April 1st, he turned 87 and I lucked up and caught a 10. 5 lb. bass on his birthday. I could hardly wait to get to the phone and call him. He was so pleased and excited that I had caught the big bass on his birthday. I will miss him....and those phone calls.....he passed away and was buried on Sept. 11th. While Dad obviously loved to fish, most of his life's efforts were directed at serving other people as he was a Baptist minister for over 50 years. As we remember 9/11 as a nation, I, too, will also remember my dad.

AUTHOR INFO: Joe Joslin is a syndicated columnist, tournament angler and pro guide on Toledo. His sponsors include Lake Area Marine in Lake Charles, Skeeter/Yamaha, Pure Fishing, G.T Industries, Stanley Jigs Inc., TTI Industries and ReAction Lures. Reach him at 337-463-3848, 409-565-1288 or

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