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By: Sue Crochet

These early cool fronts are certainly a pleasant surprise, considering the fact that we rarely get this kind of reprieve so early in September. Large schools of bait fish are beginning to move into coves and creeks, making for some exciting bass action. By October, fall fishing patterns should be in full swing.

Generally, lures that most resemble shad and minnows are most successful. There should still be some schooling action going on, so be sure to keep your chrome-colored Rat-L-Trap handy! Cyclone spinnerbaits in the ½ to ¾ oz. sizes, with double willow leaves are a must, especially if you have a little ripple in the water early in the morning. Throw right up to the edge of thick grass and retrieve the lure keeping it just above the grass as you pull it away from the bank.

I absolutely love the action of a Reaction U-2 and will try this as a sub-surface lure before anything else. The weedless and weightless presentation of this bait makes it very enticing and a bass will hang onto it for what seems like minutes, allowing you to have plenty of time to set the hook. I also like to throw them into the middle of schooling bass with a small splitshot about 6 inches up my line, allowing it to sink a little quicker. I have caught some really nice bass doing this.

For the mid-September Lake Area Lady Anglers' tournament on Sam Rayburn, my partner and I had an exciting time catching bass on a Rapala-type lure. This bait most closely resembled the type and size of the baitfish in the area where we were fishing. The action wasn't fast and furious, but when a bass did come up to get the lure, it was Katy-bar-the-door! I suggest having this or a similar type of lure tied on when you're out fall fishing.

As cool fronts begin to roll in with regularity and water temps drop, activity will peak, then taper off as bass move into creek channels and deeper water. Lures such as the spinner bait and Rat-L-Trap will continue to be effective, but will have to be worked much more slowly. You may want to try deep-diving crank baits or something that moves a little more slowly, such as a Texas or Carolina-rigged worm.

However, I believe the month of October will continue to bring some very active bass fishing. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and hook a big one!

The Lake Area Lady Anglers held their September tournament on Sam Rayburn. An early cool front made morning temps very comfortable, but heavy fog prevented us from leaving as early as we would have liked. Once we got to our spots, the bass were still biting, in spite of a nearly full moon. By 11:00 AM, skies had cleared and post-frontal conditions made the bassing action slow to a crawl.

Tommie Domingue brought 5 fish to the scales weighing 10.15# and took 1st Place by a 3# lead over 2nd Place. Tommie reported catching her fish with Zoom U-Tail worms fished Texas-rigged and Trick worms fished wacky-style. Their best colors were Watermelon/Red, but did catch fish on Watermelon, Plum, and Plum/Apple. Tommie also noted that she feels her new Allstar Titanium rod, equipped with a Shimano reel, allowed her to feel the fish better than any rod she's ever had!

The Lady Anglers will be hosting two tournaments in October. They will fish Toledo Bend on Saturday, 10/4 and Sam Rayburn on Sunday, 10/5. Anyone interested in fishing either or both of these events should contact Tommie Domingue at (936) 967-4258.

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