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Kickapoo Bait & Tackle Bass Tourny
By Bill Webb

Every week on Thursday bass anglers in the area converge on Kickapoo Bait & Tackle for an afternoon/evening of fun big bass angling. For a nominal fee anglewrs fish till dawn to see who can catch the biggest bass of the day and week-long bragging rights. The freindly folks from the Tackle shop have held this tourny for 5 years and all anglers that fish it are well pleased with the way this tourny runs and thankful to the good folks that put the tourny. A big thanks to Kay and Gene Swann for orginazing and running this enjoyable tourny.

The recent tourny that was held the anglers were spread out all over the lake from north to south and in-between. 22 anglers vied to see who would win this week. Mark Mueck went south to the dam and caught his winng fish (4.99 lbs) while cranking a rapalla in 12' of water. He won $220 for his efforts and this weeks bragging rights.

In 2nd placeAlbert Orgeron went north and fished the creeks but would keep the name of it secretive. He did find a nice 3.38 lb fish that he cashed in for $132.

3rd place was taken by 15yr old Bobby Kincaid who fished worms around waterwood area to find him a 2.76 lb bass that weighed in at 2.76 lbs and won him $88 for his efforts.

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