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White Bass Fishing
by John Plumb

Fishing Aids

These days, we have available to us state of the art electronics to help us in every aspect of fishing. From the boat ramp to the fish cleaning table, thereís some kind of gadget to make our life easier. I remember growing up, our depthfinder was a cane pole, reels were fairly primitive and basic, and an electric knife, well, just didnít exist.

One of the most handy tools we have, most of us take for granted. The depth, or fish finder. Anymore, most every boat has one, to some degree. Very necessary in the pursuit of fish, and a great aid to navigating. They come in various styles, and costs. Remember, you get what you pay for. Donít use one just because someone on T.V. says itís the best. They get paid to say that stuff. Read up on sonar, and what makes a good one good, then make up your mind. Look to spend in the range of $300 for a decent one that will work.

The ever popular GPS unit has made a huge splash in sportfishing. This device can, and will return you to an exact location over and over again, tell you where you are, where you are going, and how to best get there once itís operation is mastered. Being user friendly, it isnít hard to master it and use it in your operation. Granted, there are lots of features in most units we will never use. Pick out the functions you need, learn them, and leave the rest alone. I favor units that are not part of a depthfinder. I like separate units in case one of them quits, I still have the other.

A good map of where you are fishing can be a valuable tool. Quality maps are available through the Internet via Maptech for any body of water, or land on the planet. Done from those satellites that look in on us constantly, and they are as accurate as you can get.

The tackle we use today is nothing short of incredible. The reels are precision instruments, and the rods are just amazing. No longer just a pole, a good rod is to be revered. Fishing line has made leaps and bounds. Itís hard to imagine where we go from here.

Boats and motors have also come a long way. Highly efficient and dependable fishing machines are available to us in every conceivable format and style, and the only drawback to them is that they are all costly investments. It pays to take extreme care of these babies.

You see, there is an arsenal of equipment, and information available to those who seek it. Itís not just ìgoin fishinî anymore. With limited time available in this busy world, we must use any, and every tool we can to help us out. Sure, it all costs money, but hell, what doesnít. I guess it just depends on how much success you want to have while youíre out ON THE LAKE!!!!

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