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It appears that Texan's have received more than their share of rain in the past few months. Reservoirs that had been as much as fifty feet below pool level are now full. Some farmers are finding their fields too wet to harvest their crops. Lawns are in superb condition for this time of year. But all the rain has caused a huge problem with mosquitoes.

Until recently, outdoorsmen have had only a couple of remedies to help protect them from mosquitoes. Bug sprays work sometimes, but they are messy and can be damaging to plastics and clothing. Expensive bug suits work, but they restrict movement and visibility.

Recently I was introduced to a new product called ThermaCell that repels mosquitoes and I was shocked at how well it worked.

On a fishing trip to Canada, we caught fish just about every cast. But the mosquitoes bit more viciously than the fish. They got so bad that most fishermen surrendered and went inside.

That is when my guide fired up a ThermaCell unit. This small handheld unit (powered by a butane cylinder) fired up and purred softly burning a business card size patch of bug repellent. In less than 5 minutes the army of mosquitoes were hovering around us, kept away by an invisible barrier of repellent. I was impressed with the results and had to know more about the product.

I couldn't help but remember the times I had been run off the water or out of a hunting stand due to mosquitoes. If only I had a ThermaCell I could have enjoyed my trips more.

Fortunately, we don't have mosquitoes in Texas as bad as other areas. Consequently, some retailers in Texas don't carry the ThermaCell units. But if you love the outdoors as much as I do, you should consider packing the ThermaCell as one of your must have items. For more information on ThermaCell, log on to

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