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White Bass Fishing
by John Plumb

Be in the right place

What with the goofy weather we have had, the fish have changed their habits a bit. With the water cooling off substantially, the fish have their sign. Normally, this time of year, the water is hot and void of oxygen in the familiar depths we all use. The cooler weather and rainfall have lowered the temperature of the water to livable condition, and bait is abundant. In short, as far as fishing goes, fall is here already. If conditions hold, the fish will start to stage in the upper reaches of the lake.

Where is that, exactly? Well, it's above the 190 bridge, but some investigating will be needed.

A good bet would be to put in up around Carolina Cove and work downlake. Rattletraps may be the best bait for covering lots of ground, but if you find them, go back to the slab. A much slower retrieve will be necessary unless you find surfacing fishes willing to come out and play. Then, anything that moves will work.

I found fish in mid-lake along the river bank, but schools were loosely grouped and borderline inactive. Some surface action was going on, but we could not find any decent numbers, and the bite was, at best, lethargic. Lots of fish showing up on the sonar, and a world of shad at all points in the water column. All this occurred around mid-day. Likely, due to the moon phase. The fish are there, but they are definitely on the move northward. Every school we encountered was moving up the lake.

I watched trollers catching fish less than 8 inches. Lots of them. I did not see one troller boat any fish of keeper size. Luck was with us, and we only caught but 4-5 fish that had to be released.

No large hogs, but respectable 1-1/2 – 2 pounders, with only a few 13 inch fishes. We ate ‘em.

The only successful fishers I saw were running and gunning like we were. I was amazed at the absence of birds. There just weren't any birds. Weird.

Even if you are getting into the hunting mode, like a lot of us, myself included, you still have enough time to run out for a few hours and hunt up some fish. The river around the 190 bridge is holding fish, as is the river edge around the old 190, but it is slowing down for the most part. One can still get a limit if one looks in the right place, and that place is out there, ON THE LAKE!!!

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