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Bass Club and Anglers come together to help aid a child in need
By Patty Lenderman

Community. Webster's Dictionary defines the word as a town, or a group with common interests. While that is a good textbook definition, it is so much more. A community has no physical borders, but more importantly it is the people in it. People who come together when one of their own is in need and pitches in to do what they can to make things right for the individual or family. We have such a community, and it spreads to the far reaches of several towns and crosses the boundaries of state lines. In this case, the "community" has come together for a little boy named William Moore.

William is 2 years old and has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L.). A.L.L. is a cancer that involves the blood-forming tissue of the bone marrow, spleen and lymph nodes. The bone marrow controls the production of normal blood cells. In leukemia the normal production of blood cells breaks down. The bone marrow starts producing large numbers of abnormal white cells. These abnormal, immature cells, called lymphoblasts or blasts, crowd out other blood cells in the bone marrow, blood stream and lymph system. The cancerous cells can also invade other organs such as the spinal cord, brain and testicles, according to The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Web site.

Childhood A.L.L. is the most common form of leukemia in children and most common kind of childhood cancer. The average age of onset is 4 years, but A.L.L. can affect children of all ages. A.L.L. affects more Caucasians than African Americans and more males than females. The primary treatment for A.L.L. is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy drugs may be taken by mouth, injected into a vein or muscle and may also be injected into the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. Radiation therapy may be used in certain cases and bone marrow transplantation is needed in a few cases. Luckily, Will's prognosis is good and he will not need a transplant.

To see him, he seems like a normal two year old boy except for the lack of hair and a mask he wears across his mouth and nose to give him some protection from germs. He is a happy child, and doesn't seem to know that there is anything wrong with him.

The family travels back and forth to the Houston hospital on a regular basis and his dad Bryan stays at their Louisiana home during the week when he works. Expenses are mounting, even with insurance and medication is expensive. Several companies in their home town area have conducted blood drives for little Will, and on October 9th the H.O.P.E. JCO Bass Club held a benefit tournament on Toledo Bend Lake at Lowe's Creek Park to help raise funds to offset the family's mounting medical expenses.

Several companies donated prize items, money and food for the dinner that was prepared for all in attendance. While it was a wet and dreary day for the 32 teams who participated, the cause was a bright one.

1st place team (14.71 lbs) of Thomas and Wayne Mabry, brothers from Zwolle, LA caught their five fish limit on both Texas and Carolina rigged plum apple worms. They had their initial limit in the boat by 9:00 a.m., and continued to catch a total of three limits before days end. Most of their fish were in 14', but they also caught some in 7' at the bends of creeks. Their 4.58 lb kicker fish won 2nd place big bass honors.

The father & son team of Terry & Chris Helgeson of Leesville, LA brought in the second place limit weighing 14.22 lbs. Their best catching time was between 7:30 & 12:00, catching a full limit plus one to cull by the end of the day. Throwing a spook topwater bait all day, they fished right off the edge of the grass line in about 12' depths. The key to it they said was to throw it, twitch it a little and then just let it sit. They won 1st place big bass honors with their 4.81 lb big bass.

Lloyd LaBarge and Dan Schoonveld of Hemphill, TX teamed up to win 3rd place with a 10.51 lb limit. They had found their fish during the week before the tournament in 15' of open water, and the day of the tournament tied the boat off to a nearby stump to drop shot a finesse worm in 4' waves. They had caught better fish in that spot all during the week, but those fish didn't play for them on Saturday.

Top 6 teams:
1st 14.71 lbs Thomas & Wayne Mabry
2nd 14.22 lbs Terry & Chris Helgeson
3rd 10.51 lbs Lloyd LaBarge & Dan Schoonveld
4th 9.76 lbs Buddy Leonard & Tommy Seaux
5th 9.40 lbs Jack & Cloye Jester
6th 9.25 lbs Ken Erb & Billy Perkins

Top 3 Big Bass:
1st 4.81 lbs Terry & Chris Helgeson
2nd 4.58 lbs Thomas & Wayne Mabry
3rd 3.68 lbs Podie Blain & Mike Melton

Little Will went to the scales to watch every team weigh in their catch, and wanted to keep all the fish. Grandpa Eddie told him that we were going to tell all these bass bye-bye and let them go back home to the lake. When everyone had weighed in, little Will hugged his grandpa and said "Thank you Pa Pa for my party!". At the end of the tournament, with tears welling in his eyes, grandpa Eddie thanked everyone who had come and helped his grandson, and then Eddie just asked for everyone to keep him in their prayers.

The HOPE JCO Bass Club is planning to have another benefit tournament in the spring. If you would like to have more information, help or participate in the event, please call Eddie Moore at 409-722-2543, email at or click to their website at

A host of companies and individuals came together to sponsor this event. Graciously, all of these and more have all asked to be called upon again for the Spring benefit

All in attendance were fed a delicious fried fish dinner. These cooks worked hard to make it and included all the trimmings
< photos by Patty Lenderman >

Thomas and Wayne Mabry of Zwolle, LA won the event with 14.71 lbs. They also won 2nd place big bass honors with their 4.58 lb kicker

Proud grandpa Eddie Moore hoists the biggest keeper of the day, his grandson William. William hugged his grandpa and said "Thank you Pa Pa for my party

Lloyd LaBarge shows some of the 3rd place catch brought in by he and his partner Dan Schoonveld of Hemphill, TX

(Front, L-R) 1st place Thomas & Wayne Mabry; 2nd place Terry & Chris Helgeson; 3rd place Lloyd LaBarge & Dan Schoonveld. (Back, L-R) Grandpa Eddie Moore; 4th place Buddy Leonard & Tommy Seaux; 5th place Jack & Cloye Jester; 6th place Ken Erb & Billy Perkins

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