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By Duck Wright


The host church was the Pine Forest Baptist Church of Onalaska, Texas. This church has hosted the anglers of FOM for the last 4 years. They are a church that really promotes the mission outreach of our organization. The members of the church go out of their way to make all the anglers feel at home and feed us some of the best fried catfish and trimmings that anyone would want. After a great meal all the anglers went into the sanctuary and enjoyed some good old southern gospel music, sung by one of the anglers, Ed Parten and his talented wife. Bro. Larry Shine, pastor of the church and FOM National Chaplin, brought a message that moved the anglers. Four fishermen asked Jesus into their lives and another 9 lives were changed by re-dedication.

The anglers, all showed concern Friday night after practicing all day, that they had not found a pattern that worked. White Bass, Goo, and catfish were caught, but the elusive bass were hard to find.

Saturday morning, shortly after 6:30 AM, 37 teams left Lakeside Marina, in search of 5 large mouth bass. The weather was perfect. Mid 60's at blast off, no wind and the temperature would only get up to the low 80's. There was very little wind all day and there was minumum boat traffic on the lake. If one was to guess, you would think that there would be alot of fish caught. Unforunately, that was not the case. This would be the lowest total weight that had ever been weighed in, on the East Texas trail.

The team of William Sadler and Earl Kersh brought their 5 fish to the scales, which weighed 14.72 pounds, including the big bass of 4.36 pounds, this limit would only be challenged by one other 5 fish limit. Sadler and Kersh took home checks totaling $1494.20.

Perry Curry and Charles Michalak won second place honors with 4 fish that weighed 11.13 pounds. They took home $727.80.

Third place went to David McLauchlin and David Kirk that had the only other 5 fish limit, which weighed 10.92 pounds. Their check was for $414.40.

Eddie Hudson and partner Russell Stewart took home fourth place, which won them $485.20. This team is a good example of a team above them not getting into Bonus Bucks. Their earnings were better than the team ahead of them in winning placement.

The team of Dan Hilton and Loran Compton won fifth place for a check amounting to $296.00.

Sixth place was won by Terry Lindsey and partner Garrett Westenburg. They won $236.80.

Billy Maddox and Gordon McBride won Seventh place. Their check was for $177.60. This was the last team in the money and they had a weight of 5.70 pounds.

First Place (Out Of The Money) won two Contenintal Batteries.

Second Place (Out Of The Money) won a Castaway rod and a bucket of baits. Furnished by one of our faithful local sponsors Rayburn Tackle.

There will be no tournament in May due to the National Championship tournament in Kentucky. Our last tournament will be on Toledo Bend, June 11, 2005. The Friday night meeting will be held at the pavilion at Cypress Bend. For more information contact Duck Wright/director at Fishers of Men would like to take this opportunity to Thank all our fine Sponsors. Without them this would not be possible. Triton Boats, Mercury, Strike King Lure Co., Kistler Custom Fishing Rods, Presnell Plantation, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, Marshalls Marine Lake City SC, Solar Bat, Spike-It Bait Co., V&M Bait Co., Castrol, KEELSHIELD, MotorGuide, Lowrance, All-Terrain Tackle, Stanley Jigs, XTools, Dual Pro Charger, Spot Remover by Buckeye Lures, Hot Rods Marine Care Products, Deka Marine Master Batteries, Jacobs Glass, BassRx, Keep Alive Oxygen Infusor, The Original Fish Formula. Also we would like to thank our local sponsors: Conteniental Batteries and Rayburn Tackle.




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