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Kickapoo Bait and Tackle Big Bass Tournament
By Bill Webb


Every Thursday night as you cross the Kickapoo bridge going to or from Onalaska, you may think that you have stumbled onto secret cult of night anglers, but instead you have found the weekly Big Bass tournament held each Thursday durning spring and summer. For a small entry fee of $25 anglers can start fishing at 5:30 PM and fish 'tillaround 8:30 to catch their biggest bass to win.At this event there were 29 hungry anglers vying for the top spot for the week.

The 2nd tourny of the year found Ben Cockrell motoring his Triton/Mercury boat over to Palmetto creek area to try his luck. He tossed spinner baits with his Shimano/Castaway rig into 3' of water until after 8 PM before catching fish but it paid off with anice 4.02 lber winning him $290 and bragging rights for the week.

Another regular at the tourny,Larry Jenkins, scotted his Champion/Mercury rig around the Kickapoo creek areain 2-5' of water. He also used spinner bait tied to his Curado/Castaway rod spooled with 15lb big game line to get close with a 3.88 lb bass that won him $174.

All of the high priced boats and motor are very helpful and nice but not always a necissity to win money at these tournys as Allen Rhoden will attest to.He eased his 12foot Jon boat next to Kickapoo creek flipping worms with power-pro line and in 15min he caught his 3rd place fish, a nice 3.65 lber that garnered him $116 for his evening enjoyment.

ben cockrell with winning big bass

Larry jenkins with 3.88 2nd place

allen rhoden with 3.65 lber

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