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Winning From the Back of the Boat
Robin Babb Outfished Both Peers and Pros

by Kathy Magers

Robin Babb of Livingston, TX weighed in 20.56 pounds of bass at the WBFA womens tournament held last weekend in Mexico Beach, FL. Had she been fishing out of her own boat, she would have won $3,000 more for over coming the first place winner in pro division, Sheri Glasgow who weighed in 17.63pounds.

But thats okay - Robin says she loves to fish, compete and most of all, had a great time spending the week with 60 other women who love to fish.

"I took home $1,000 for first place in the non-boater division and $260 each day for Big Bass...for a total of $1,520" Babb said. (She had big bass of the event  both days of competition!)

"My tournament began like a non-boaters dream come true, she admits. "I practiced with womens world champion, Judy Wong on Thursday, my first days partner was Angler of the Year, Sherry Glasgow and final days partner was All-time money winner, Pam Marten-Wells. How could I have not been successful?"

Babb credits her win to fishing cypress trees in 3-5 foot water with June bug and watermelon w/red flake creature baits. She cast them on a light 3/16 oz weight letting the lure sink slowly. "Id wait 3-5 seconds and ease up on the rod, if I felt resistance...I set the hook, because obviously, a fish wanted to go for a ride!" she laughed.

"I locked onto this pattern and stayed with it throughout the tournament, even when the wind began to blow and I couldnt feel the light weight. I was patient and waited each time for that pattern to show  then Id catch a lunker."

"Its a rare opportunity to catch more and heavier fish than the boater, so I am extremely proud of this accomplishment. I dont think this has ever been done before in the WBFA, she admits happily.

Babb is single and lives in Livingston, TX where she is a REALTOR and co-owns a restaurant with her mother.

She became interested in fishing, when she was growing up in Oklahoma. My grandmother took me fishing the first time when I was about four. I then began spending the summers camping, fishing and boating with my aunt at Lake Texoma, where other family members would come in and out as they had summer vacation time. I have always been drawn to water, when I need to think or relax I go where theres water.

So, many times when my career in California as a Threat Assessment and Management expert got too stressful, I would go to Lake Castaic or Big Bear Lake to sit on the bank, fish and relax. When I decided to make a move away from such a demanding line of work as stalking/profiling, I moved to Lake Livingston to fish.

My mom thought I was totally crazy to leave such an elite career to "go fishing", but now she understands that the type of fishing I want to do is a true career and can be just as rewarding."

"Competition..." she says when asked what would possess a woman to drive over 11 hours one way to go fishing. The women I fish with and against are the best competition there is...Judy Wong, Penny Berryman, Pam Marten-Wells, Emily Schaefer - all pioneers and legends in womens pro fishing."

"My future aspirations are to make a living fishing in a public forum.... to be a positive image for others, encouraging them to reach out to achieve their dreams, too - whether they are just beginning a career or making a dramatic life change" she says with a deep seated certainty that comes from the heart.

Her advice for others who might want to fish but are afraid they may not do well?

"So what! Who cares? Just fish!" she says with inspiration. "Do your best, learn as much as you can, practice, practice, practice and take the opportunity to focus so much while you are fishing that you have to forget what has been stressing you out. I dont have a lot of time to spend on the water right now with the businesses and community volunteering I do, but I take any opportunity to practice...even if it is flipping and pitching down the restaurant isle before we open."

Obviously, it is working for Babb who is undoubtedly a skilled angler and one of the brightest new faces of the future in this sport. A gem in the sport of womens fishing, for sure.

Robin Babb wins Non-Boater division with 20.56 lbs.

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