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By Duck Wright


The 5th and final tournament of the East Texas Division of Fishers of Men Tournament Trails was held on Toledo Bend. This also served as the Regional Qualifing tournament for the year. The points of all the teams were close this year and the anglers knew that it was important to make a showing on the big body of water. >p>Friday night the anglers met under the pavilion at Cypress Bend State Park. The South Louisana Division was having their 4th tournament of the season and they fished in conjuction with the East Texas anglers. Although the two divisions were fishing two separate tournaments, the fellowship was a blessing.

Duck Wright/ director of the East Texas division sang some LOW notes and turned the meeting over to Greg Schlumbrecht, the South LA. tournament director, which brought the anglers a message on BEING PREPARED. The message touched 13 anglers lives, in that one made the choice to follow Christ and another 12 re-dedicated their lives to a closer walk with Jesus.

Saturday morning, right after prayer and the National Anthem, 51 teams blasted off in order of their draw, into a day that promised to be in the mid 90's and very little wind. With humidity high and fish catching slow for most of the anglers, several teams checked in early in the afternoon with small amounts of fish.

POINTS CHAMPIONS FOR 2005. This team not only wins a check for $1060.00,they also win a berth in the National Championship Tournament in the Spring of 2006. This honor went to the consistant team of Steve Rhea and Louis Rouleau. They finished the year in 1st place points, and I am proud to say that they let Jesus show through their actions on the water and off.

With 36 teams fishing in the tournament 7 places were paid.

The team of Carrol and Thomas Mabry brought the winning 5 fish stringer across the scales that weighed 13.20 pounds. They also had the big bass of the tournament which weighed 4.32 Along with the 1st place in the Bonus Bucks, these anglers took home $1493.40.

The team of David and Connie Mailloux took the second place finish with 5 fish that topped the scale at 10.84 pounds. They also won 2nd place in the Bonus Bucks and Third Big Bass. Their total winning were $732.60. For Third Place Big Bass, they won a new Kistler Rod. This team also won a trip to go the the Regional Championship, being the highest finishing COUPLE team. Through donation of a Camp Reconstruction Company in Houston, their entry to the Regional Championship was paid in full.

David Marshall and partner Ryan Powell took third place honors with 5 fish that weighed 10.02 pound. They took home a check for $544.80.

4th place went to the team of Richard Muddiman and Todd Gualandri. Their weight was 9.71 pounds. They received a check for $338.40.

George Anderson and Buddy Simmons took 5th place with 5 bass that weighed 9.31 pounds. Their check was for $282.00.

Danny Lindsey and partner (Chicken Man) Jerry Sanders, took the 6th place check, with 5 fish weighing 9.13 pounds. Their check was for $225.60.

Bill Boyett and Harold McDonald won the 7th place check with a weight of 9.03 pounds. Also they had the second big bass weighing 3.63 pounds. Combined checks totalled $313.20.

Also I want to note the ADULT/YOUTH TEAM. Father and Son team of Bryan and Reid O'Conner. This team was the highest finishing team in points in this catagory. They won the chance to go the Regional Championship. Their entry was also paid for by the donation of Camp Reconstruction Company.

Fishers of Men would like to take this opportunity to Thank all our fine Sponsors. Without them this would not be possible. Triton Boats, Mercury, Strike King Lure Co., Kistler Custom Fishing Rods, Presnell Plantation, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, Marshall's Marine Lake City SC, Solar Bat, Spike-It Bait Co., V&M Bait Co., Castrol, KEELSHIELD, MotorGuide, Lowrance, All-Terrain Tackle, Stanley Jigs, XTools, Dual Pro Charger, Spot Remover by Buckeye Lures, Hot Rods Marine Care Products, Deka Marine Master Batteries, Jacobs Glass, BassRx, Keep Alive Oxygen Infusor, The Original Fish Formula.

We also want to thank our Local Sponsors. Sam Rayburn Tackle, Contenintal Batteries, Fishing and the Tournament Angler News.

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