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Steve & David Morton win Snagproof Specialty Tournament on Sam Rayburn
By Patty Lenderman

For the second year in a row, Snagproof Baits has held their specialty tournament on Sam Rayburn. Their tournament has a little twist to it. Participants can only use Snagproof products. At registration, the teams were given a choice of baits brought by the company, and had an opportunity to purchase more on site to use in the event. Setting their other lures aside, the teams went out on Sam Rayburn August 14th to see what they could do.

For most of the day, it was hot and muggy with partly skies. The anglers could fish until 3:00, and had to be back to the Umphrey Family Pavilion by 3:30. During the last hour to fish, the skies grew dark, the wind picked up and white caps filled the lake. Water spouts emerged and the rain poured down hard. It blew by quickly, but not before several teams had to rock and roll their way back to the weigh in.

Winners Steve and David Morton traveled 40 miles north on the lake to get to their fish. "A week and a half ago we bought $70 worth of Snagproof baits and started practicing. For the tournament, we fished shallow water and sloughs around water hyacinths. We threw a black popper most of the day, and it was a tag team effort. If one of us missed a fish, the other would throw in right behind and catch it. The bass were just swallowing the bait. We had a good day." Their limit weighed in at 18.83 lbs, their biggest weighed 5.50 lbs. They were presented with the 1st place $1,000 check.

Joel James and Tommy Loving came in 2nd place with 15.48 lbs. "We were throwing the Tournament Series Wild Bull Frog in grass and pads all day, up to about 5'. We also caught some on a moss back weed demon. We caught a lot of fish, and were able to cull three times. Earlier in the day we lost two giants, and then with only five minutes left to fish we landed our biggest bass." This team won $500 from Snagproof, and would like to also thank LMC Marine.

3rd place was won with 13.73 lbs by Steve Martin, Jr and Bass Pro Bud Pruitt. They caught their fish on frogs and Wiggle Wogs in 2-3' pepper grass. "We went to the north end of the lake, and the bite was just here and there for us all day. We lost some really nice bass." They did land a 5.58 lb'r that won Big Bass honors and a check for $150 in addition to their $300 third place check.

Top Teams:
1st $1,000 18.83 lbs David & Steve Morton
2nd $ 500 15.48 lbs Joel James & Tommy Loving
3rd $ 300 13.73 lbs Steve Martin, Jr & Bud Pruitt
4th $ 250 13.72 lbs Troy Washburn & Jeremy Landen
5th $ 200 13.14 lbs Keith Caka & Charles Bebber

Big Bass $ 150 5.58 lbs Steve Martin, Jr & Bud Pruitt

Mike Atchley, area Snagproof Pro Staff offered some tips and tricks for fishing Snagproof Lures. "I like to use Bully Braid line by Triple Fish. Fishing lily pads and other heavy cover, the braided line with a 6'-7' flipping stick will hold on to the monster bass that hit these lures until you can get them to the boat (or get the boat to them). When fishing lily pads, I find that the frogs work best. They are weedless, have great action and drive bass crazy. Try different styles and colors until you find what the bass are hitting on. Out in more open water or areas with scattered vegetation, throw a weed demon which emulates a spook. Just twitch it in a 'walking the dog' fashion as you retrieve it. I have found a lot of success on these and several other Snagproof baits." If you would like more information, tips or tricks, you can call Mike at 936-328-2594.

Looking for baits? You can find Snagproof products at Ann's Tackle in Jasper, Walmart, Toledo Town & Tackle in Many, LA, and Grady Holton's Tackle in Jasper, TX.

"I'd like to thank everyone who came out to fish with us today and trying something different. Our goal is to help put more productive tools in your fishing arsenal. I promise, if you stick with these lures, you will continue to catch bigger and better bass. To see our complete line of baits, visit our website at or give us a call at (800) SNAG-PRF" - Connie Ehlers

Steve and David Morton (n/p) caught the 18.83 lb winning sack, traveling far north on the lake to get it

2nd place was won by Joel James and Tommy Loving with 15.48 lbs
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Bass Pro Bud Pruitt shows the 5.58 lb Big Bass of the event, he and his partner Steve Martin, Jr won 3rd place overall with 13.73 lbs

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