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Week of November 28, 2005

There is no question about it, hunting is expensive and there are those that have been priced completely out of hunting for big game. Some of those hunters have moved their sights towards more affordable hunting opportunities like predators, waterfowl and small game while others have quit hunting all together. Hunters are consumers and no matter what we hunt, we want to get the best value for our money. I am surprised to still find numbers of hunters ready, willing and able to fork over big dollars for big game hunts.

Recently I was speaking at a sports show seminar regarding today's best value for a big game hunt. At first I thought this would be difficult because I would be forced to select a single big game hunt. By me doing so may be construed by some as being partial and I must remain objective. With that in mind, I put a $5,000 price on this "best value hunting adventure."

Believe it or not, $5,000 is not all that much money for big game hunting. For that price, it is tough to find a good Texas deer lease. It is not uncommon to spend twice that amount either and there are some hunters that spend more than that. Like I stated above hunting is expensive.

I hunt for many reasons and adventure is right at the top of my list. With the budget of $5,000 and all things considered a single hunt immediately came to mind. I chose this adventure based upon many factors and if anything I believe it to be far undervalued. The hunt I recommended was for caribou in Quebec, Canada. For less than the budgeted amount, hunters can enjoy a week of Artic adventure in one of the most remote locations on earth. Seeing herds of caribou is only part of it. The Arctic fishing included with this adventure comes at no charge and is as good as you could hope for.

Round trip airfare from anywhere in the lower 48 is included as well as all licenses, meals and even the float plane. Plus every hunter can take two mature bull caribou. They even guarantee that you will have an opportunity for one mature bull or your next hunt is free.

I have been on this trip and it is one of the best values I know of for the big game hunter adventurer. Our success was 200% meaning everyone took two bulls.

I still love to hunt for other animals in other locations. But this trip ranks #1 in my book as far as value is concerned. Heck, I hear of people paying much more than that and never even seeing whatever they are hunting for. Will the price of hunting ever come down? It may, just as soon as the price of gasoline becomes affordable again. For more complete information on this outfitter log on to their website at

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