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 Crappiethon? Crappiefest? Fishing in America?

Roll all of them up, put them in a cup and draw one out. Well if you can't tell one from another, no sweat, most of us can't either. Which is not too bad, at least the main point is still catching tagged crappie for fun and prizes. The newest tagged crappie tourney is being managed by the same people that brought Lake Livingston its first Crappiethon minus a few old sponsors and faces. Since Crappiethon tagged the 1st Tangle Free Tom on Lake Livingston, it seems like everyone wants to get in on the fun. For a small amount of money you can fish from February 27 to April 27 in hopes of catching some of the $100,000 in cash and prizes.

Happily Fishing in America will also reintroduce a Crappie Classic qualifying tournament here. It will be held March 26 - 27 at Waterwood Marina and the top 10 anglers will qualify for the South Bend Crappie Classic.

South Bend, the major national sponsor of these events will have a top prize tagged fish of $15,000, along with many other national and local sponsors. We expect everyone to return to the lake with poles in hand and crappie on their minds. You can purchase your badge at most any of the local sponsors.

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