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Black Bass Fishing
by Pat Lambreth

Jig time

Jig time is here now or any time of the year for me. I love to fish a jig, jig & pork or jig & craw trailer in black/blue skirt or black/blue jig with a pork trailer in either blue/chartreuse or black or even brown.

The water temperature is about 62, so work your jig very slowly and watch your line, or for a small tap, set the hook. Many times you will only see your line moving off. You won't get as many bites but believe me you will catch quality bass. I use the jig the year round but it is best used from now until the spawn is over. You can throw it right in the middle of a log jam or brush pile. Don't just cast it in there and go on by. Cast it to every little twig. Many times it takes this to get the hog interested so don't run and gun. Slow down and see how many more fish you may catch that lots of people have missed. Don't give up because you think the water is too cool or off color. The fish will bite if you have the patience and slow down. You don't know what you are missing by not using a jig. I still talk to people who won't and refuse to use a jig or worm. The bass are biting also on a black/white spinner bait or black/ chartreuse spinner.

If you like to bass fish as I do you won't give up because of the cold weather. This is big bass time. So get out, dress warmly, take something warm to drink and never forget water even when the weather is cold. We still need to drink plenty of water. And it's good to take a sandwich of your choice or whatever you like to eat. It's bad to be on the water and hungry. It's hard to fish well or at your best form, being hungry.

Our weather is so beautiful now after the rain stopped. So get the honey do's over and get out on our beautiful Lake Livingston. If you don't have a boat you can still fish from shore or hire a guide. This would be a nice Christmas gift for someone.

We are doing a lot of deer hunting. Mostly hunting. I don't have a deer yet. My husband got a big 7 point. I'm still hunting for one. We had so much hot weather early and then rain and now it is beautiful weather and they hide in daytime from me and have a feast eating my corn at night. Tracks are everywhere. I don't sleep in my stand like some hunters I know do. So keep well, have fun and God bless every one all year.

Have a very Happy New Year.

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