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Black Bass Fishing
By Pat Lambreth

Pat Lambreth

Great fishing weatherWow! What beautiful weather. It should get everyone out of the house and outdoors on the lake or just get outside, everyone who can. I'm sure everyone has their fishing equipment ready for the black bass; reels strung and oiled, hooks sharpened, and boat ready. We had plenty of time when it rained to tend to these chores.

I'm sure a lot of fishermen have already been out on the lake lately, the weather is so beautiful. The blacks are biting when you can locate them. I would try the black & blue jig & craw trailer or jig & pig in the same color. Mr. Jost is my favorite trailer in No. 11. Try the spinner bait in white or chartreuse and white. Whatever you use work it very slow. I have caught bass on traps this time of year and also cranks in craw fish color. They are on bump logs or brush and when they come off this you usually get the bite.

Remember the spawn is nearer than you think and the blacks should be biting very well to put on weight to endure the stress they go through with the spawn.

I would try the rogue or ropala and try different retrieves or just let them set, sometimes they come up and explode on it and scare you, they make so much noise. Other times they just suck it in and you don't hear much. Get out on the water and don't forget your life jacket and kill switch and catch lots of bass but don't forget the catch and release so we can keep our bass supply keep on keeping our lake well replenished so the next generation can have fun like we have. I would hate to see someday there would not be as many bass and no one could enjoy fishing for black bass like we have.

I like to catch black bass best of all fish, but I do fish for other fish. It's fun just to be able to get out on our beautiful Lake Livingston and fish and watch all the other things we observe, birds, 'gators, turtles, deer, minks, nutria and many other wildlife and flowers. The dogwood will be blooming soon. Be careful on the water. It's cold now so be safe. I want to get out on the lake soon myself.

Don't forget to pick up your Lakecaster magazine. You will enjoy it, I know. So keep safe and have fun and be nice to others. God bless you till next time.

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