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Cash for crappie
by Pat Hummel

South Bend Sammy is on the run and if you are lucky enough to find him on the business end of your hook, that could earn you up to $15,000. The act of catching him nets you $5,000. If Sammy is caught on specific South Bend products, his worth jumps another $10,000.

And so it goes for the 60-day South Bend's Fishing in America tournament series. This event, which began on February 27 and runs through April 27, features a two-day team event March 26 and 27.

The tournament boasts 1,400 tagged crappie worth from $25 to $15,000. Some of the prized tagged fish have a bonus offer for being caught with specific prized product, or for buying your ticket at a certain sponsor location. The angler must claim the bonus at the time of check-in. Special tagged fish are usually released in an area closest to the sponsor's location.

Happy Hooker, TiteLok Tom, Rattler, and King Kooker are all part of a Most Wanted list offering $1,000 for their capture.

Lucky 1, Redi-Mart Renegade, Hop-A- Long Harry, Wimpy, Mr. Pizza Pro and Bethy Creek Bandit all carry $500 price tags.

More than 200 jackets and T-shirts will be given away.

The tournament's 1,425 prizes are worth a total of $77,475, so get in on the action and get your entry at any participating sponsor.

Tournament rules

  • Anglers must bring fish in alive with tag attached to the check-in location.
  • Anglers must have entry ticket registered in his or her name prior to catching the prize fish.
  • Anglers must have caught tagged fish following state and federal regulations for taking game fish during the specified time period of the tournament.
  • Angler making the claim must be the person who caught the tagged fish.
  • If required Angler agrees to take and pass polygraph test concerning the rules.
  • Angler must check in tag within 24 hours after the conclusion of the event to be eligible for the prize.

South Bend also sponsors Kid Tournaments for all boys and girls, ages 6 - 12. The Kid Tournament and a Mothers Cast/Flip event will take place March 27 at Waterwood Nation Resort Lodge.

Children must be accompanied by an adult and all participants must bring their own equipment and bait.

For further information on the tournament, team event, sponsor locations, Kid Tournament, etc. call South Bend's Headquarters at 256-773-9600.

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