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Spawning is near
By Pat Lambreth

The season has arrived to dance a jig with a pig or dance a jig with a hog craw in black/blue, as our water will probably be off color. If the water stays off color, you may want to use a loud crank bait so the bass can find it easier. I like a trailer on my spinner bait in chartreuse or white. Many times either red or chartreuse blades work good on spinner baits in off-color water. If fishing pressure is tough, go to a quieter crank bait.

We are lucky to have this beautiful weather. If this continues the black bass will go on the beds by the last week of February on into March. Find water protected from the wind on the north west bank where there is little wind and where the water warms. First try to find some logs or weeds or brush. Mama bass likes these places to nest so she can protect it better. The black bass are biting now very good but the larger ones move shallow this time of year. This is the best time to catch your bass of a lifetime. But I hope you will have your camera and scales ready so you can take a picture, measure and weigh it so you can release it and let the taxidermist make you a beautiful mount and you will be glad to let her go and spawn and let other fishermen have fun like you.

Another bait I like is a lizard and the 12" power worm in black/blue metal flakes. They will bite it and many times I've had them swallow this 12" worm. I cut the line and leave the worm in the bass. I would kill it if I tried to get the worm out. I understand it won't hurt the bass and the hook will be gone in a short time. I hope this is right.

Black bass are very spooky when they move to shallow water. If you have a pole, it's best when you get near where the spawning beds are, the troll motor sometimes spook bass, so be very quiet and use your pole. I sometimes cast my lure beyond the nest and work it very slow and let it stay in the nest for as long as you can stand it. Many times Ma bass will suck your bait in her mouth and blow it out before you can set the hook. Sometimes you can't get the bass to hit your lures no matter how hard you try, but you can go back later and she will inhale it.

I hope you get out on our beautiful Lake Livingston and have fun and catch the largest bass ever. Be nice to yourself and others and be careful by putting on your life jacket and plug in your kill switch. This is a good time of year to take a kid fishing and teach him safety and to release bass and explain why. So until next time, God bless.

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