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White bass fishing

For approximately 10 days fishing turned south while chasing white bass during the spawn. Bedias Creek had been producing nice limits of fish on a regular basis when it seemed like overnight the bottom dropped out. I searched north and south and knew the fish had not thrown their eggs yet. One of the locals living in the area mentioned when the netters were in the prime they would never set a net in the creek when the Trinity River was green. These fish prefer the swifter current of the river when spawning. What keeps them out of the river when it is off color is the sand irritating their gills.

So without anything to lose I dropped a couple of rattle traps behind my 20 foot center console and began trolling down the river. It took over two miles to come upon a school. One rod jumped, the second leaped and the third one under my leg made me vow to never set three rods out trolling by myself again. I think I have stated before, the reason I feel the fish will hit the rattle traps trolled behind the boat is that after all of these years of boating traffic in their environment the fish acknowledge when the wake passes by a school of baitfish in the center of the creek/river was just disturbed, crippled or if nothing else, disoriented. They realize if they head to that disturbance it is a free meal and that is where we place our rattle traps. Heck, everyone has got their opinions, I have only been given the forum to share mine.

To say the least when three rods pick up white bass in one general spot there is no more need for trolling. I headed up river, killed the motor and casted for a 100 yard stretch giggling and laughing to myself like I was a kid again. In my opinion, there just isn't much more fun coming across a school of spawning whites in the river with no one for miles around to bother you and catching fish nearly every cast.

Good luck on your next trip and look for me beneath the dam until the end of April.

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