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Black Bass Fishing

Watch the full moon for peak spawn

Watch the full moon for peak spawn. Black bass are spawning on and off. When the water temperature rises to the right temperature black bass go on the beds and when the cold fronts arrive bass move off. Not too far. I've seen them move back to the beds in the afternoon around 2:30 PM if there was a very warm sunny day. We fished early in the day and not a fish in that same location. It takes a lot of patience to fish blacks on beds. Sometimes you pitch a jig or pig in the bed and they jump on it fast and other times you may fish for them a long time and they won't hit. But go back next morning or a few hours later and sometimes you can get them to hit. I have more fun with a jig and pig. The bass do so many different things to it. They will hit it hard at times. Other times they will pick the jig up and blow it out of the nest faster than you can set the hook. I've watched them do this.

I would use a black and blue and purple jig with a black and blue pork or craw. Many fishermen use traps for the spawning but I like the jig as most bass on beds are in logs, brush or grass and a trap hangs up too much. Many other lures work well. A rapala works good, as do french fries, and wacky worms.

I've seen coots in shallow water be calm when a big splash appeared and I saw a large bass hit at the coot. I guess the bass was chasing the coot from its nest. I saw this happen more than once this day. We fished the area about two hours and other birds like small cranes came near the nest and the bass hit at them too. It was fun to watch.

Full moon signals spawn peak. The larger bass seem to spawn just before the full moon and at the full moon and just after. If I was going after a trophy bass I would try to plan a trip at this time. March 31 is a full moon and April 15 is a new moon. April 30th is a full moon. A few blacks may still be on the beds at the end of April.

Handle any fish carefully, especially these big bass heavy with roe, so you can release it safely. Have your camera ready. Weigh and measure your trophy so you can get it back into the water fast. Every second counts for the safety of the bass. It's just like what it could do to us if our head was under water. The bass can't live safely out of the water. Some say 2 minutes is the limit. As you fight the fish she goes through a lot of stress. Let us all do the best we can to release these bass so they can continue their spawn and raise many more bass.

Keep safe and be good to others. Put your life jacket on and plug in the kill switch and catch a lot of fish. I'm proud of our Lake Livingston. I was glad to get some rain. Until next time - God bless.

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