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Lake record crappie landed

When it comes to Crappie records, Lake Livingston has experienced shortcomings in the past. Perhaps that is due to the fact Crappie Fishermen lean more toward eating their slabs than stuffing them. In the past few years more local fishermen have been encouraged to weigh any potential wall hanger slabs and see if it qualifies for the record book.

Last year a 2.88 pound slab became the official Lake Livingston White Crappie record holder. For 30 years people have full well known some bonafied three pounders reside in Livingston's waters. Despite three decades of existence, there was no certifiable proof of a Livingston three pound Crappie.

That finally changed on March 19, 1999. Lake Livingston's first official three pound White Crappie was weighed in by Onalaska fishermen Roger Statuski at Kickapoo Bait & Tackle. The new lake record tipped state certified scales at 3.01 pounds.

Locals talking about three pounders for years have never been able to produce one. Ironically it took a fishermen new to the area to accomplish the feat. Statuski moved to Onalaska from California in July of 1998.

"I was drift fishing near Dove Island when I caught the fish," Statuski explained. "It was one of only two Crappie I caught that morning. I was using a Crappie Rod and fishing with a bobber and a minnow. I caught it around 11:15 AM in water about six to eight feet deep."

Kickapoo Bait and Tackle owner Gene Swann and Lakecaster Magazine Publisher Bill Webb witnessed the weigh in. Terry Allison put the record White Crappie on the scales.

Statuski's slab Crappie avoided the frying pan and kitchen table. This record is destined for the stuffing table. After being mounted, the 3.01 pound Lake Record will put on display at Kickapoo Bait and Tackle. Operator Gene Swann is footing the bill for the taxidermy work. The Lake record mount will be used at boat and fishing shows as a showpiece for Lake Livingston Crappie fishery.

All Lake Livingston fishermen are encouraged to help raise the standards of Lake Livingston fish catch records. Be it White bass, Crappie, Striper, or Catfish, if you think you might have a record breaker start the certification process immediately. Take the fish to a weigh site where state certified scales are located.

Notify a local Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden who can furnish the official paperwork. Two people must be present to witness the weight, then the paper work must be notarized. Several area Marinas can assist in making sure the papers are properly processed or call the Lakecaster and they can furnish you with the proper paper work to get it certified.

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