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The bass fishing was tough. At least that' what the talk was when I launched the boat last week. The spawn was spotty and some anglers said it was already over. Others said it was still weeks away.

This is the time of year that big bass are being caught. They are shallow to spawn. The shallower they are, the more vulnerable they are. The trick is to find a lure that will get them to bite.

Many of these lunker bass are caught on spinnerbaits fished slowly in suspected spawning areas. Others are caught on jig and trailer combinations being fished in the fish's bed.

Virtually every boat I saw at the launch ramp caught my brief inspection of what lures were tired to the rods. I saw lots of jigs, spinnerbaits and worms. I too had selected these lures to target the bass.

After fishing for several hours and not getting a strike (nor seeing anyone else get one,) I changed the way I was fishing and began to catch fish immediately.

Rather than using a black jig or a white spinnerbait, which are by far the most popular lures and colors, I switched to a white jig with a white Power Grub trailer.

The lure looked like a typical white spinnerbait without the wire or blades. I decided to swim the jig, making the lure hop and drop off the bottom, working it more like a spinnerbait than a jig. The fish went nuts!

I boated an released twenty-two keepers the day weighing up to seven pounds. Other anglers fishing the typical jigs and spinnerbaits were far less successful.

The major change of not only lure color but the manner in which it was fished was the reason for success. The next time you have having trouble getting bass to bite, try swimming a white jig and trailer. The unusual color fished in an usual manner can produce great results.

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