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Black Bass Fishing
by Pat Lambreth

A few are still spawning. Most of the mama bass have spawned but they don't all spawn at the same time so a few could be on the bed now. If you want to locate the female bass now you could find her resting on points, brush, boat docks not far from the spawn bed. She should feed very good on white and chartreuse spinner baits and cranks and traps in fire tiger colors. Try the black/blue jig and black/blue worms. All reports are the bass are biting on these and other lures, some top water and bug baits too. Work the baits slow, as our water is still off-color where I have been, but they have to feed and if you have the patience and time you can catch bass.

I have said this before, I am proud of our beautiful Lake Livingston. What would we do without it! I remember when it wasn't here, as many of you do too. Now there are many businesses here around the lake and I am glad we have several good places to shop and eat or just get outdoors, whatever you like to do. I like to catch bass but if I don't catch them to just relax and be glad to be outdoors on our lake. There are many good fish in our lake and I do fish for some of them but I'm hooked on black bass best of them all. I think they are a beautiful fish and smart. Many times you have to tease them to bite and other times they hit like a tiger.

Try to take a kid fishing and teach him to wear a life jacket and try to take him somewhere so he can catch fish even if they are small so he won't get bored and not want to go again. Teach him catch and release and why, so he will find out early and not kill the black bass. Teach them to be careful when taking the hook out. Teach them to handle the fish as little as possible and by the bottom lip. Don't pull the lip back too far as you could break its jaw.

I love the outdoors, where its quiet and peaceful and you can relax and watch the beauty around you like flowers, animals, birds and catch bass on the lake. You could exchange fish stories with other fishermen.

Get out on the lake and zip up your life jacket and plug in your kill switch and catch a big one and have fun. Be nice to others and to yourself.

Until next time have fun and be safe. God bless.

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