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May is the Month

May is the month we will talk about for eleven months out of the year. Donít get me wrong, June and July are excellent months for white bass fishing also, although May is May. The white bass are returning from the annual spawn up the river and have but one thing on their mind, feeding. As fish begin filtering into the lake they will gather on shorelines feeding on the shad spawning near the bulkheads. As enough fish filter in and travel on to the next point and then the next, they gather in enough numbers to corral the shad and begin schooling.. At this point when we see the first schooling activity we can almost guarantee the fish will continue schooling throughout the entire month every day. The only obstacles will be high levels of wind or rain.

The key to finding where the fish will school each day is in experience and keeping a good ear out from other fishermen. I have fished for whites enough years to learn their patterns and to know what points, shorelines or structure to fish. I usually fish the Memorial Point area first and shortly after the 190 Flats. These two spots will last the first three weeks of the season and then the shad will have finished spawning, the water temp will rise and send the bait deeper. There will be so much surface schooling action in May before you realize it will be June and we will be talking about May again.

Walkers Lake, Mill Creek Bridge and the Bucket will be primary fishing spots for the next several weeks. As the water temp is warming fish cannot stay on the surface as long as when it was cooler. Fish must come up for a good meal and return to the more oxygenated water. Look for open water schooling evidenced by bird activity. A good pair of binoculars and knowing the general vicinity of some of these hot spots will help. Any time you get in on some bird activity mark that spot on your GPS. These fish will continue to show up near the same time each day given and hour or two of variance. Once again, barring high winds and rain these fish do have patterns and can be predictable. Try to learn five or six good spots where you have personally seen surface schooling and you have built your own personal portfolio of fishing spots and it wonít matter what all the other boats are doing, just grind out what you know.

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