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Prime time This is it. The time we all have waited for. The white bass have returned to the lake. From their sojourn up-river, they have come among us with a vengeance, and they are hungry. It makes for an interesting situation. With the right approach, one can do well, and have some fun.

Now, remember, it's spring. The fish have an attitude of abandon for safety in favor of the feed. The fish have gone "muchly" unfed for two plus months during their trip. They are ravenous, and feeding at any opportunity. During this warming phase, the fish will feed three times a day, and time is not a factor. It could be any time of day.

Planning your interface with the fish could be hard, but the mild temperatures, and just gorgeous days, an all day trip should be easy to take. I could think of worse places to be than on the lake. Working comes to mind.

For the early period, the whites will be along, or closely associated with the shoreline. Meaning points, pockets and coves, and any structure that relates to, or connects to the shoreline. The reason they will remain here for several weeks is the shad are against the bank spawning, and dinner is served. Truly the time to find the bait, find the fish.

Catching them will not be the chore. Boat positioning is the key. Best bet is to anchor away from the target area close enough to cast to two feet of water, and work out towards the boat. Do not run the boat over the fish. Looking for the fish on the sonar will put you all over the fish, and you'll blow them out of there. Stay back.

Any activity of baitfish may be a subtle hint of activity below. Throw a slab in there. Do not troll. Break down and get some slabs. It's the true "Fishfinder" and if they are there, it will not fail you. An easy bait to master for fishers of all levels.

The morning should be the best action, but it could be anytime during the day. Make your approach to your spot slow and easy, and don't crowd. Some of the spots will bear only one or two boats. The fish are easily spooked while in shallow water. And, that's about most of what one needs to go about. That's what I'm doing right now. Going out ON THE LAKE.

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