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Livingston Fishing Duo Honored
By Ed Snyder

"These two people have fished and competed in my McDonald Big Bass Tournament's for some 15 years now, Bob Sealy announced to a spectator crowd of over 9,000. "They've fished this tournament trail loyaly and have become great friends with everyone that they've met, "including me. "Therefore, Bob continued, "as the McDonald Tournament Director and CEO of Sealy Outdoor's, "The Sealy Outdoor group hereby awards Pat & Lee Lambeth a lifetime paid entry fee for all future McDonald's Big Bass Splash events that they wish to fish. And with that, the Lambeth's were further honored with a standing ovation as over 9,000 "friends" applauded them.

Pat & Lee Lambeth, who reside on Lake Livingston TX, are a well known bass fishing-(and Crappie fishing)- team among the lake's residents as Pat writes a monthly Bass Fishing byline for the Lakecaster. Pat, now 83 going on 29, is wife and fishing partner to her husband Lee, who is 79 going on 40 as both are very active in the outdoors and claim that for as long as they're able to enjoy the Great Outdoors that they'll continue to do so up to their last and final breath of life.

If you have ever viewed the History Channel when it covers the facts about WW II, then Pat & Lee Lambeth can claim to be an interesting part of that history as she had lived the life of "Rosie the Riviter" and he served in the Air Force. "I built the wings for the Bombers, Pat smiled with pride, and after the war I moved to Houston where I met Lee. "We both hit it off right away, stated Lee, as we both liked to fish. "Yeah, well sometimes, retorted Pat, "he enjoyed saltwater fishing, but I didn't, as all I wanted to do was go bass fishing up at Conroe, Sommerville, or Livingston. "Sooo, when we finally moved up to Lake Livingston in the 70's we mainly stuck to bass fishing and joined in on some local bass club tournaments. "Then came the McDonald Big Bass Tournaments, grinned Pat, as she remembered fishing the Bob Sealy events when he first got started. "We've followed Bob to all of his McDonald events, Pat informed, "from his Rayburn, Toledo, and lake Fork tournaments in Texas and Louisiana, to the Eufaula and Grand Lake tournaments in Oklahoma, as well as Lake Oachita in Arkansas. "We also fished both of his tournaments that he held here on Livingston in '88 and '89 where I almost won it with an antique "ducky" lure in '88, Lee pointed out, adding that they had almost qualified to fish both of the Championships, missing the '91 Big Star Classic held on the Neches River in Beaumont TX, by only a half dozen points, but making the Big Star II Classic held on Lake Sam Rayburn in 1993. "We truely enjoy fishing Bob Sealy's McDonald Big Bass Splash events, smiled Pat, and for as long as i'm able to draw a breath I'll continue to fish his tournaments. "Ditto on that, echo'd Lee.

As Pat & Lee Lambeth stepped down from the stage at Lake Sam Rayburn's 15th Annual McDonalds Big Bass Splash, held last April, they represented a major portion of the Big Bass History which has made the Annual event so popular among the bass anglers who fish it every year.

"The Lakecaster and its staff would like to take this time for "Applauds and Accolades" to Pat and Lee Lambeth of Lake Livingston TX, as we wish them many more years of fishing the McDonald tournaments. "BRAVO

Pat with Sealy at Toledo

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