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A common question lately has been," Where are all the fish?" My general response has been "Where is the bait?". We are seeing the last of the shad near the bulkheads and looking for them to move out to deeper water. As you are moving around the lake keep your eyes peeled for working birds. The last flock I saw was only a dozen birds but it was sure worth the time spent scanning the horizon and trusting what I saw from a distance. The fish are being very spooked this season and I utterly suggest taking it easy when approaching a school of feeding whites. If you make the rookie mistake by yourself it is only your loss. If you make this same mistake while other boats are being cautious you have created enemies and the tempers will flare.

Addressing the age-old controversy again, To Troll or Not To Troll. It is the opinion of most of us that trolling for white bass if perfectly fine. It is a very good fish finding technique. We only ask once you find them do not continue to run over them with your boat when there are other fisherman around trying to fish the same area. The better technique will be to have some Tour Spoons or Charlie Slabs onboard and to tie on these lures. While switching to this technique you will be able to either drift, anchor near or use your trolling motor to approach the school cautiously.

Have you ever pulled up on a group of boats and there seems to be one or two catching most of the fish? These guys are bouncing Tour Spoons and Charlie Slabs off the bottom in the vicinity of a school of whites. If you have got to troll because you are not catching any stay to the outside perimeter of where all of the boats are.

Keep your eyes peeled on the surface for a fish splashing and concentrate your efforts there. If the fish are feeding on the bottom try to figure out the structure you are fishing and join in on the other couple of boats catching the fish. Take a chance on moving the fish in every which way.

Just keep in mind it is not your lake nor his but we have to fish it together and the odds are you will see that person again after you have a confrontation with them. Good luck and fish considerately.

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