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Black Bass Fishing
by Pat Lambreth

The spawn is over, black bass are moving to their summer patterns on points with brush or around boat houses, any wood or weed areas.

Just after day light is a good time for top and shallow water, but after sun up go deeper. I like to use worms or a french fry. I usually use the heavy weight & glass beads, but lately I just peg my slip sinker with a tooth pick about 2 ft. up my line. I find it easier if I get hung up and I don't have to rig with the 3 way swivel etc. It's just easier for me.

I don't think any one knows why fish even very large bass like the french fry but I catch a lot of good bass on it. But I also catch good bass on the 12" power worm. You just have to give the bass a choice and let them tell you what they want on any given day.

All the fishermen are telling me that bass are biting very good now. One fisherman said he caught 26 bass over 14-1/2", up to 4 lbs. Another said he caught 23 bass over 14-1/2". No large bass, but it is good to know that the bass are here. They released all of them. They used 6" worms and crank and spinner baits. When the water is off color go to darker baits or fire tiger cranks.

I'm still proud of our Lake Livingston, but last month my husband and I did fish McDonald's tournament on Sam Rayburn. We weighed in fish but no money. We got knocked down, but to our surprise Bob Sealy called us up and announced to the crowd that Lee and I have fished with him for 15 years (this is his 15th year of tournaments). He said we won't have to pay a entry fee for the rest of our lives. WE FISH FREE!! We were shocked. I told him I was speechless and we thanked him.

Bob has a great crew and his wife Donna is wonderful, she is a great person, all of them have been so nice to us through the years. It has helped us so much all these years to fish his tournaments. I think he has the best tournaments around today, Bob is honest and a lot of fun. I like his rules.

If he hadn't been good to us we would not have fished 15 years with him. He has so many people who fish with him who feel the same way that we do. We have fished many other tournaments in the past but when we started fishing the Bob Sealy tournaments we gave up all other tournaments. We saw how he runs his and how we were treated and the many other good things they do, such as protecting the fish before they release them. This is enough bragging.

Get out on the lake and have fun, keep safe and catch fish. Don't forget your life jackets and to plug in you kill switch. Be nice to others and to your self.

Until next time, God Bless.

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