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Vavra's Win C.A.S.T. Livingston Tournament


New comers to CAST SE., Jeff & Jennifer Vavra, of Onalaska Tx., proved they are not rookies when it comes to a little friendly compition on their home lake. In their Ranger Boat, they brought the only limit of bass to the scale on this very tough day of fishing and took home the first place trophy for their effort. Jeff said they caught their 9.01 lbs. of bass on plastic worms and crankbaits around shallow water cover.

Also, fishing out of a Ranger Boat , Mike & Kelley Gaubatz of Huntsville Tx., took second place in the tournament with a weight of 7.76 lbs. Berkley Power Worms where their secret to success, used along the Trinity Rivers many sloughs and back waters.

Third place, with a weight of 6.87 went to Bob & Yoli Narron of Houston Tx., Fourth place, Lester & Kym Springer of Humble TX., 6.60 lbs. and Fifth place Les Brown & Peggy Schaffner of Conroe Tx., 6.25 lbs. The Big Bass was caught on a Crankbait by Curtis Thompson and weighed 4.25 lbs. With one tournament left in the 1999 season, the race for Anglers of the Year has heated up, the top six couples are. 1) 470 pts. Dan & Karen Nichol 2) 470 pts. Mike & Kelley Gaubatz 3) 469 pts. Bob & Yoli Narron 4) 467 pts. Bob & Ginger Metz 5) 466 pts. Terry & Gwen Reed 6) 464 pts.

Neil & Rebecca Herline A very special Thank You to Bob & Cindy Bradberry ( Henry S. Miller, Realtors) for sponsoring this tournament. And a greatful thank you to all Cast sponsors for helping make this tournament circut a success. For information about the Southeast Region of C.A.S.T call Mike or Kelley Gaubatz 409-291-0662.

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