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Fishing South

As temperatures rise and the fish become cantankerous it becomes more profitable to run south. There are not but four fishing spots worthy of my attention, although there are many more fish roaming about. The average depth of the lake increases by ten feet as you reach the Memorial Point area and further south to the dam.

My first stop usually begins at the brown house straight down from Memorial Point subdivision. It is a beautiful piece of Real Estate with horses grazing on the hillside. My brother once during March saw a deer enter the water from the property and began swimming towards Pine Island. He said ten minutes in the cold water and the deer seemed to be disoriented doing circles and seemed confused. He started the boat up and corralled him back to the shoreline and he ran to safety. The house on the hillside exudes wildlife and peacefulness.

The pier on the property points in the same direction as the point which runs underwater. The break line raps around the pier in several increments dropping from five feet gradually out to over twenty feet. The entire area stays covered up with trollers and can be aggravating to fish. It is always a good sign to see someone has set a trot line in the area to curb the route they can take. The early spring produces excellent schooling action and can help define the best fishing areas.

The property has a ninety degree angle at the pier and divides the fishing area into two halves. On a trolling motor you can start at one end and cast from twenty feet up to five and bounce your Charlie Slab or Tour Spoon down the drop off. Eight to ten casts on each side will decide whether fish are present and feeding. When trollers have spent quite a while in the area it sometimes pays off to fish the twenty to twenty five foot range. The incessant noise from boat traffic can push fish and bait out in deeper water beyond the trollers range.

This is one of four spots I consider worthy on my trip south of the lake. Later articles will cover the Hump, Lump and Banana Ridge. An unusually effective fishing technique works for me and could pay off for you in the next issue. For any information on guide trips on beautiful Lake Livingston
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