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Black Bass Fishing
by Pat Lambreth

Bass in warm, off color water As the water has warmed and is off color, give the black bass an early breakfast of a noisy lure, a rattler like a jigger trap or crank in fire tiger, crank, or black and blue jig and craw. The larger lures should work better at this time with these conditions. I don't work top water very often when the water is off color. When the water is of color try to work heavy cover, as heavy as you can find. The bass hide in heavy cover for food and it is easier to find in cover.

I am glad it rained and we don't have to water the lawn or garden this year. Last year at this time, everything looked dead and now everything is green. I am glad the black bass are doing so well. Many are being caught but 5 pounds is the largest I've heard of, but I'm sure there are larger ones being caught. I am glad to live where we have a beautiful lake, Lake Livingston. Big bass don't feed often is one reason they like something large to feed on to save energy and they get fat and big and old. They feed and lay up more than when they are young.

I fish someway different when fishing some of the tournaments. I fish only for a big bass. I fish more slowly and I use larger baits like 10' to 12' worms, large cranks, zara spooks, top water lures. If I think there is a big bass in a good brush pile I won't just cast in there and go on by. I will fish it in all directions over this honey hole. Many times the bass, for some reason, will hit when many casts are made, when they won't hit when one bait falls in the hole. Don't give up and if you are able to catch one good fish, stay awhile longer. There could be another bass there. There are feeding periods during the day and night that bass bite better at these times. That's why it is so much fun trying to outsmart the bass and most of the time they win. That's why we buy so many new and different lures. I love to fish for black bass as I believe you have already guessed. So get out on the lake and catch a big bass, and take some mosquito spray and plenty of cold water and sun screen and a hat. The sun is hot now. Zip up your life jacket and plug in your kill switch and off to the lake you go. Be nice to yourself and others and don't forget catch and release.

So, until, next time, God bless.

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