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I have fished Lake Livingston since it was flooded and could barely hold a cane pole. Memories of walking the shoreline of Penwaugh Marina as a child are relived every guide trip I take out. It is with much sorrow and excitement my wife and I have decided to move to the Hill Country.

I hired a guide, Ken Milam on Lake Buchanaan, northwest of Austin, last month and absolutely fell in love with the area. We fished for two and a half hours and limited out on 20 stripers weighing up to 12 lbs. I had done a lot of research before hiring the guide and found him to be the most knowledgeable and well known. After the trip was over he told me if I was interested in moving to the area he could sure keep me busy fishing for stripers. My wife jumped all over that comment and came back to call the local school district. They had a position open and offered her a job. Boy, things move fast when they are just supposed to be. Last week we bought a waterfront lot on Lake Buchanaan and will build on it soon.

We will miss all of the good friends we have on this lake and will certainly be back to visit. As for the Charlie Slab Co, I will just have to take my responsibilities with me and transport baits back and forth with the family. Shirley will still handle all of the Livingston accounts and I will have to give Academy to my brother, Mike. With the Highland Lakes so close to each other in the Hill Country it will just open another huge market to us as well.

After fishing a full time guide service for four years I have built a large clientele. The best month for fishing the white bass spawn is February and the best month on the main lake is May. I may have to return those months to carry those trips and broker the rest. That will depend on how busy Ken Milam can keep me striper fishing. So there is a good chance I may be back to Livingston for a couple of months each year to make the most of what the lake has to offer.

Meanwhile, August is the month the spawnee white bass will make it down to the main lake and start surface feeding. Be kind and gentle to them when releasing for they will be our keepers in another year or so. Farewell, Scottie D.

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