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Big Bass Tournament on Lake Livingston
By Ed Snyder

"Ya' see, it all kinda' started as a joke betwixt Carl Bolton, John Mulhall, and myself, as we started bickerin' over who was the better bass fisherman, "ya' know, sooo, we met one Thursday evening, last April, and held a $3 bass tour, "ya, know, $1 dollar for 1st, $1 dollar for 2nd, and $1 for big bass. "Since then, he stated, "our $3 bass tour developed into quite a tournament as "everyone" suddenly took notice of our "bickering" and decided to stake their claims as being "the best" bass fishermen on Lake Livingston. "We've now paid out over $9,000 in cash prizes, since that original "winner take all" event last April, as we've also had to split the "winner take all" pot after it now usually overflows our $3 fruitjar by $700 at most of our Thursday night get-togethers.

"Now, he continued, "as we meet every Thursday evening at 5:pm, in front of "Kickapoo Bait and Tackle", where we sign-up to fish till dark-thirty, Moms & Pops, Brothers & Sisters, Grandpas & Grandkids, are all entering our "Thursday Night Fruit-Jar Fishermen" event to try their luck for some folding money, as well as to stake their claims for the "braggin' rights" of being "the best" bass angler on this lake by weighing their "one bass limit" here at Kickapoo by 9:pm each Thursday evening.

"Sounds interesting, states I, as I scribble down his meanderings, "lets see, ya'll meet here at "Kickapoo Bait and Tackle" every Thursday evening by 5:pm to sign-up and fish this event till dark-thirty, "right ?,.. "Right!,.. "then you weigh-in your "one bass limits" by 9:pm,.. "right ?,.. "Right!,.. "and, who are you ?,.. "Gene Swann!,.. "WHO ? "..........................."Gee..Ee..En..Ee,....Ess..Double U..A..Double N...."ya' know,.. Kay Swann's husband!!......."Ohh, O-Kay.

On Thursday night July 22 a record number of anglers participated in this "big bass" jackpot frenzy. 51 anglers hit the waters of Lake Livingston to try their luck at catching the "big one" of the evening. On this calm summer night Danny Gallier would post the largest bass by only one hundredth of a lb with a fish weighing 3.02lbs winning him a cool $500. 2nd place with a 3.01lb fish went to Lowell Stevenson catching him $300 cash, and third place went to John Pickett with a 2.32lb fish winning him a nice $220 to go home with. Third and fourth places were not left out they received $20 gift certificates donated by Chuck Perkins Diesel service and Lakecater Magazine.

For more info on how ya'll can take part in these Thursday night "fish n' fun" get-togethers, contact.."Gee..Ee..En..Ee,.....Ess..Double U..Double (409)-646-4478......"Ya know, Kay Swann's husband, ..... -or-.... just come on by his "Kickapoo Bait and Tackle shop" located on the Onalaska side of the Kickapoo Creek bridge...."ya know, to "Swann Lake Properties".


1st Place

Gene MR Perkins - Big Money Winner

Top Winners (left to right)

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