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Livingston Family "Blessed" with Fishers of Men State Championship
By Ed Snyder

MATT 4:19 - And Jesus Said: "Follow me and I will Make You Fishers of men.

"While fishing with Fenwick rods and Abu-Garcia reels, we caught one of the four pounders right at daylight on a watermelon/red flake wacky worm in about 3' of water on a point behind the Black Forest area. Caught 2 or 3 "dinks" there also. Then the action ground to a sudden halt.Then we ran our Ranger/Mercury bass-rig to some schoolies behind the Forest. We found them first prefishing on Saturday 7/17 and hit 'em again on the Friday before the tournament.On Fri we caught 'em on topwaters, chrome/blue Baby Chug-bugs and the best seemed to be a clear Baby Torpedo with a few short white spinnerbait skirt legs tied to the back hook. On Friday, my youngest boy, Reid, could bring them to the top consistently with that bait even when there was no surface action in sight.Tried both on Saturday and could not get a bite on top even when we threw into breaking fish. Had about 3 or 4 boats for company that weren't there on Friday.Threw a watermelon wacky worm and caught some shorts and one keeper.Threw a Carolina Rig but could only catch "dinks". Looked like the shad they were busting were real small so rather than try to imitate them I grabbed a chartreuse/blue back Deep Little N and cranked up 3 keepers, some "dinks" and two 2 pound white bass in pretty short order. By then it was 1:20pm, and burning up "hot". I didn't think we could catch a "kicker" out of that bunch, so we ran over to a main lake point near the mouth of Harvey Creek. We tried it Friday afternoon and I missed one and I liked the way that it looked on the depthfinder (30' deep within a cast of the bank). "Anyways, caught the 4.79 there on a watermelon/red flake Brush Hog and caught one other dink before quitin' time. Carson cranked that whole point with a Deep Little N and never got a bite. "Anyways, that's it blow by blow. Long hot day, 15 fish total, 6 keepers, best 5 weighed 14.20 lbs.

"And that folks, Is "exactly" how it all happened, as Lake Livingston's own, Len and Carson Fairbanks managed to win the Texas State Championship "Fisher's of Men" tournament on Lake Sam Rayburn at Jackson Hill Park, as the father & son fishing team competed against the best Christian Bass anglers that the Lonestar State had to offer to win the State Championship.

Started some years ago to provide a tournament opportunity for those who were looking for some good clean fun to involve their family with, the Fishers of Men National Tournament trail quickly developed into a circuit which now offers 11 divisions in a 9 state area that offers four regional events with State Championships which qualify the top 15 teams per division for the National Championship.

Among those who compete in this popular family oriented bass fishing tournament trail are several of our nations top BASS/Pro's, who have just competed at the BASSMasters World Classic in New Orleans, LA, as they praise the "Fishers of Men" tournament circuit, and give witness to the wonders of God's work.

"My accomplishments have been through hard work and the faith I have in Jesus Christ, states BASSMaster Classic Champion, Mark Davis of Mount Ida, AR. "My greatest joy is knowing that God abides with me, praises, David Gregg of FT Worth, TX. "The Lord Jesus is the reason I have succeeded in Professional Bass fishing, informs Randy Howell of Trussville, AL. "God always meets his childrens needs, advises Waco TX, Pro, Alton Jones. "I have enjoyed being involved in the FOCAS meetings and having the opportunity to meet and fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the Nation, explains Lendell Martin of Nacogdoches TX. "It is by God's grace that I am in the Classic, praised Knoxville TN, Pro, Jack Wade. "I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior in 1993, stated Tyler TX, Pro, Jay Yelas.

And with such a great family of anglers to fish and compete with, its not hard to see why a father & son team from Lake Livingston TX, were able to focus on their God given skills to rise to the task of representing our great area at the "Fishers of Men" National Tournament to be held on Old Hickory
Lake, TN, in October.

TOP 15 Texas Division "Fishers of Men" Teams;
1. Walt Roberts and Sandy Daniel Jr. --"Anglers of the Year"--
2. George Jean and George Williams
3. Steve Nelson and Randy Sones
4. Aaron Kenderdine and Keith Keele
5. Glenn Freeman and Dennis Manthei
6. Dean Morgan and Randy Bayse
7. Cecil Jackson and Don Webb
8. Jason Wells and Mark Henderson
9. Kirk Benoit and George Fontenot
10. Jim Phaup and Roger Howard
11. Len Fairbanks and Carson --"Texas State Champions"--
12. Bobby Barreraz and Marty Walker
13. Gary Spurgeon and Bubba Ellison
14. Brad Casal and John Grissom
15. Buddy and Gary Medley

"We, at the Lakecaster, along with our readership, wish "all" of the Fishers of Men Qualifiers the best of luck at the National Championship, (with a very special prayer for Len and Carson Fairbanks)-

For more information on the Fishers of Men circuit in Texas give James Shumake a call at 1-409-384-1487 ..............."We are Dedicated to the Glory of God"...............................



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