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Black Bass Fishing
by Pat Lambreth

Dog days September is warmer every year, it seems, and the lake usually turns over. This is called dog days. Look for the bass to be above the thermocline as above it is where the oxygen will be. I do believe it's not as hot this year as it was last year. Bass fishermen are catching good solid bass up to 4 and 5 pounds, and smaller ones too. A tournament is held every Thursday evening from 5:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. They are catching some nice bass.

Kenny Lamb has fished it just a few times and has won no. 1 once and two other times came in second or third for fish up to just over 4 lbs. It started out as a fun thing, I understand and now many fishermen are fishing in it and some women. Myra Lamb fished it and her first cast she hung a big bass and it spit her lure. I think she was so surprised at a hit on the first cast. This bass would have won the tournament. She caught other smaller ones.

I bought a new lure, Yo-Zuri. I like it. It casts like a dream. Another one I like is called Walk-a-Dog. If you are going to walk the dog use one that knows how to hunt big bass. Yo Zuri makes it too.

I believe when the water is warmer, a worm or jig would work best because the larger bass don't want to move or chase anything moving fast and they should be located in heavy brush or weed or boat docks where lots of people put brush for crappie. I believe most fish like cover, as animals on land like cover, like our deer, etc., also for shade.

Don't forget the sun screen and cold water and a hat with a big brim. They may not look good but they help keep the sun off. I wear long sleeves in 100 percent cotton. I love to bass fish and I love the out doors. I like to take a towel and dip it in the ice chest often and put it around my neck. It keeps me cool.

When fishing a worm or jig to keep it sharp, carry a file and keep your hooks sharp or use it on all hooks like cranks or spinner baits.

Keep safe and be nice to yourself and others. Zip up your life jacket and plug in your kill switch. I say this often because I see so many people with children in their boat with no jackets. Use them please. Until next time, God bless you all.

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