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Summertime is a great time to take your kids fishing. Actually any time is great, but kids have a lot of spare time on their hands during the summer.

There are several great ways to introduce young anglers to fishing, but one of the most important things to remember is that you want them to catch fish. Do not make the trip too long, or they will lose interest and won't want to go again. Take plenty of cold drinks and snacks, and be sure to pack a little bit of patience, or perhaps more, in your tackle box.

A good fishing trip is pan fishing. This is extremely action packed during the hot summer months, and action is what kids need to get them hooked on the sport.

A good all around panfish bait is a cricket. Crickets are inexpensive and can be purchased at most bait shops and pet shops. Most of the time you'll catch a fish per bait, and I've been out there with my kids and caught numerous fish on just one cricket. If your kids want to catch their own crickets, that great, but they need to be small in size.

A good pushbutton reel or spinning reel is great for children. You can pick up rod and reel combos for less than most videotapes. Rigging: I recommend Berkley XL 4 lb. test line, use a very small perch hook, sometimes called a hair-hook, a shot weight sinker about 2-3 inches above the hook, and use a small to medium sized bobber, which you need to adjust according to the depth of water in which you are fishing.

These fish are great to eat, but they are very bony. The best way to prepare them is to fry them. Watch for bones!

Fishing and my kids, my favorite things in life.

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