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Water or woods? That seems to be the question, all right.

Seems fall is always the time of decision making. Whether to go afloat, or afield. The grand thing is that both are coming alive, and you have a choice. Not like the last few months. No choice but to stay as close to the AC as possible.

With a tease of cool weather, the water temperature will ease down a bit, and fish of all kinds should start to be more active. Catfish are already prowling more, and some action with white bass should start soon. A few folks have managed to catch some whites, but I think all of us agree it just hasn't been a real good year on the average. The heat killed half of us.

Catfishing will begin to get better along the Old 190, and the usual haunts providing a well stocked pantry exists. Nearly any place should hold fish providing deep water is close at hand. Same place one would white bass fish, actually. Certainly wouldn't hurt to bring in a mix of the two. Both are quite tasty.

Some reports of schooling whites of good size has reached me. They have been seen around Culps Woods. Why they would be there is beyond me, but go figure. It may be where the bait is. As the temperature eases down, much of any white bass activity will be above the big bridge (190), along the river channel, and the major creeks.

The same weather is affecting the woods critters too. I am seeing many deer in our area. I would say a good hunting season is at hand. Most of the oaks are full of acorns due to the timely spring rains, and will make for good forage to deer and hogs. Corn feeders likely won't pay off until later when the acorns have been eaten. I think I know where I'll hunt.

Cooling off a bit has jumped my interest up, and the time is near to wet a line, or go hunting. Oh, It'll probably wind up hot again, but soon we will wish for spring. It's just a vicious cycle. Too hot, too cold. In a climate where you only have two seasons, there isn't much of a chance.

No more excuses. It ain't too hot, nor too cold just now. Get out there, wherever, before you lose the cool. It will not last as long as we would like. No matter which way you go, you need to do it now. I'll be in the woods/field until January. Then, up river again to chase whites. It is, after all, and circle.

Hope I see you out there.

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