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Black Bass Fishing
by Pat Lambreth

Variety of lures will work this month Wow, what beautiful weather. It's so nice to be on the lake and the black bass are liking it too. It makes them active and hungry. They are feeding on many baits this time of year. You can go with 4" to 12" worms or dance a jig with a pin 'n craw, buzz 'em, duck 'em, walk the dog and spook 'em. If you can find some matted grass you could punch or pike 'em. With a jig. I prefer a worm or jig in brush but some fishermen are cranking on points or brush. The bass are biting and will continue as the water cools more. I like September and October. The larger bass will start moving more. I caught an 8 lb. bass on a jig the 16th of October in Brushy Creek a few years ago and several 4 - 5 and 6 - 7 lbs. in the same creek that month. They move more shallow. It's so nice to be on Lake Livingston as the cooler weather is moving in. Our lake has held up very good this summer.

Fishermen are fishing a tournament every Thursday evening, like 40 or 50 or more fishermen. Kenny Lamb, a week ago, took his grandson on his first tournament and first black bass fishing. Guess what his grandson caught? A 4 lb. bass and won the tournament. He won $500. The grandson said, "Nothing to bass fishing, it's easy." He is hooked on bass fishing and I'm proud of him. I'm glad his grandpa took him bass fishing.

Last deer season this same grandson's girl friend didn't want to sit at camp. She asked Myra Lamb if she could go sit in the stand so she did and a 7 point buck came by. She said, "Myra, can I shoot it?" Myra said, "Yes." So she pulled the trigger and the deer fell in its tracks and this was her first hunt and first buck. She was upset after she saw it dead but was soon over it after Myra told her it was okay. I thought this was interesting, boy-friend and girl-friend and Kenny and Myra Lamb took them both and the kids did their job, first bass and first buck. I thank Myra and Kenny for showing them how much fun they could have outdoors with grandpa and grandma. I hope more outdoor people will take more young people outdoors to fish and hunt.

Don't let this beautiful weather go by without getting out on the lake. Take a kid out with you if you can. Be sure they wear a life jacket and all your passengers too. Plug in your kill switch and have fun and catch lots of bass and teach all to release the bass and handle all fish carefully. You should wet your hands before you handle a fish.

Be nice to yourself and others. Safety first. Until next time catch bass and have fun. God bless you all.

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