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Fall is wall hanger time
By Pat Lambreth

Fall has arrived and this is the best time of year to catch a wall hanger, as the blacks are hungry. Maybe someone will catch a record black bass. The one a little over 12 lbs. has lasted a long time and it's time it got broken. I know they are there. Some fishermen say they have lost them. They get smart and strong and that's why they are still in the lake. The black bass are biting on many things like spinner baits in white w/chartreuse skirts and buzz baits, cranks, worms in black and blue. Or try until you find what they want. I like the jig and craw or jig and pig for larger bass. I think many people have their favorite lure as I like the jig, worm, buzz bait or devil horse, or zara spook. Just keep trying until you find what they want. I have several rods, as most fishermen do, with several different lures. I use one for awhile then just keep fishing until you find a pattern for that day.

The water is cooler. That makes the blacks bite and move more. It puts oxygen in the water. Many people are thinking "deer" right now. If you want to catch a large bass of a life time, get out on our beautiful Lake Livingston. Don't forget catch and release. Have your camera ready and scales and measure your fish and get it back in the water as soon as you can. If you are mounting your bass give your taxidermist this information. Be sure to wet your hands before you handle any fish so you don't destroy any of the slime that protects the fish. Don't forget catch and release, you will be proud you did. Teach everyone in your boat to do so too. Most guides tell their clients they want to release all bass. If they want one mounted take a picture and give all the information to the taxidermist.

Take a kid fishing and don't forget all put on life jackets and plug in the kill switch and be safe and have fun and catch and release bass. Don't abuse any fish and don't take more then you can eat. Release some of all fish. Be nice to yourself and others. A big smile goes a long way even if you think you have a bad day.

Good fishing, keep smiling. Until next time, may God bless.

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