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Cross Hairs


I looked quickly and saw the huge buck moving in the heavy brush only 100 yards away. My crosshairs were resting solid on the buck's shoulder as he stopped in a small opening, offering the perfect broardside shot. As I fired, I saw the buck flinch as it ran back to cover. I felt it was a good shot.

I waited for a half hour just to be sure. This is something I always do when I don't see the animal go down. The time allows the animal to lie down and die as close to the point of impact as possible. This avoids many long tracking jobs and lost game. After the wait I made my way to the spot and much to my surprise didn't see blood, only the buck's big tracks scratched deeply into the dry ground. Normally, I would have felt a horrible feeling of uncertainly about recovering this deer, but not anymore.

I wasn't upset and I knew my shot was good, even though there was no blood (at least that I could find.) Now all had to do was locate this buck. The reason I wasn't overly upset about the lack of blood was due to having a new hunting gadget in my backpack. It is called the "Game Finder," an electronic state-of-the-art hand held heat detector specifically designed to locate downed animals and birds.

Manufactured by Boner Technologies Group Game Finder is available in three models, each will scan the area it is pointed at and search for the greatest heat source. It features a series of red lights that light up when the unit senses heat. Bonner Technologies Group also produces a product call the Life Finder that has been used in search and rescue of humans.

I discovered the Game Finder four years ago and became a believer when I made what I thought was a perfect shot on a deer. After hours of searching for this deer in the dark, I had given up. Hopefully I would find it in the morning. Then a fellow hunter showed up with the Game Finder.

In less than 15 minutes we found the deer 600 yards away. Needless to say I was impressed. Since then the Game Finder has found its permanent spot in my backpack. Animals that we've recovered include an Alaskan brown bear, two elk, two archery turkeys and more feral hogs and whitetail deer than I can remember. Now it was needed in a bad way.

I scanned the brush in the direction the buck had traveled and the lights indicated sensed heat. Following the heat source, I found the old buck only 50 yards from the point of impact. Without the unit, I may have found some of these animals, but I am sure I would not have found them all. The Game Finder has given me piece of mind and the assurance that when I need to find a downed animal or bird, I will.

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