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Black Bass Fishing
by Pat Lambreth

Bass fishing in cooler weather Cooler weather means moving your baits slower. Fish your jigs and worms around wood, grass, docks and brush. Spinner baits are good in white and chartreuse. Several good bass are being caught now. They are eating to put on weight for the winter. When the water gets very cold bass don't fed as often. They can't digest the food. They are smart enough to know this. It's time to break our lake record. I know they are out there. Someday it will be broken, I hope this year. I'm still proud of our beautiful Lake Livingston.

Many people's thoughts are on deer now. We have been hunting at Groveton and saw a lot of deer but they have a few years to grow before I would shoot them. I still trying to find my one but it's fun just to be in the wood and see all the wild life. Five deer have been killed. The ladies seem to be winning. Beth killed a nice 8 point but last year she got one larger. Her daughter, 12-year-old Kim, got a big spike on a special hunt before the season two years ago. She shot a huge 10 point when she was ten. This year her sister shot her first deer with one side of the horn broken off. It could have been a 10 or 12 point as the horn left was 6 points. Another young lady got a doe and a 7 point buck, and this was his first buck. Is this luck or what? The other hunters are dumbfounded.

I have been hunting for 47 years myself and killed many a deer. These young people were very happy and I know how they felt, I have been there. I'm very proud of them. Most of the deer I see are coming out near 6 p.m., too late to shoot then. All the hunters including myself have seen more deer than in many years. I see signs of hogs rooting everywhere in the bottom land near creeks. They even root up the roads we travel around on the lease. You almost need a seat belt in our jeep. So you have a choice now, either water for bass, or woods for deer. So get outdoors and have fun. Be safe, and be nice to yourself and others. The weather is so beautiful. Until next time, God bless to you all.

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