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 Update on T/B Bi-State Alliance

On Dec. 8, 1998 representatives from the Toledo Bend Bi-State Alliance attended an open meeting of the Sabine River Authority of Texas Board of Directors at their Lake Fork office. The alliance is comprised of 22 organizations and 16 individuals from both sides of the lake and represents well over 3000 people who have an interest in the well being of Toledo Bend Reservoir. Also in attendance were aides from State Representative Wayne Christian's office and State Senator Drew Nixon's office.

Alliance Chairman Larry Kelly made a presentation to the board utilizing out-takes from the SRA license, Power Sales Agreement and Brown and Root Study urging the SRA to adopt a resolution that would change their operating procedure to that of the Guide Rule 6 procedure from the Brown and Root Study. This would require the SRA to stop generating hydroelectic power when the lake reaches 168' msl. This would benefit everyone utilizing the lakes resources. The SRA did not allow much time for the presentation.

After the presentation, the aides from Sen. Nixon's and Rep. Christian's offices talked with the Alliance representatives and expressed their continued support for their efforts. They indicated that they would be contacting other elected officials seeking their support for establishing a minimum lake elevation. At the present time the Alliance's effort is supported by TX Sen. Nixon, TX Rep. Christian, TX US Sen. Graham, TX US Rep. Turner, LA Sen. Landrieu, and LA Rep. McCrery. They are helping to urge the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission who issued the license to the SRA, to make a ruling for the SRA to operate under the Guide Rule Curve 6.

For more information on this and other Alliance projects, visit the web site at or contact Larry Kelly at (318)286-9946 or Janna Lehman at (409)625-3394. Also, please plan to attend the monthly meetings on the 4th Monday of each month at the J.R. Huffman Public Library in Hemphill, Tx.

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