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By Pete Gunn

Pete Gunn

The truth is that if you're going to fish a big reservoir or large river, the fastest, easiest way to find fish is by going into the tributaries. This is the basic technique the pros rely on practically any where in the country, itís a technique any angler can use. Why not fish the main lake? Because a good tributary offers the same thing the main lake does but in much smaller area plus its protected more from fronts and hi winds. The problem is that not all tributaries are alike, and not all of them the right ingredients to attract and hold bass. You can't just run into any feeder creek and expect to catch fish, you have to pick your creeks carefully. The main thing to look for the creek should 15 to 25 ft deep and have steep banks. This allows big bass to come and go in comfort and safety they like.

Another reason, because of oxygen and temperature. In shallow creeks oxygen get depleted in the summer , and the bass leave for the deeper water . In the winter shallow creeks get colder faster, and again force bass to leave. If the fish have a deeper channel to go to, they'll stay in that creek all winter. The majority of bass fisherman think cover is more important then depth, and they choose a creek on that basis, but a shallow creek with a lot of cover is seldom as good as a deep one that might have less cover. At different times of the year bass relate to certain types of cover more then others . In the spring for example when the water temperature is between 68 and 77 degrees , both bass and the bait fish relate to vegetation more than any thing else.

A good creek to fish in the spring also should have shallow spawning flats available to the bass.The larger the spawing flat, the more potential the creek has to attract big bass. Later in the summer, when the water temperature reaches the 70's to high 90's, bass relate more to wood such as docks, submerged trees, brush piles and hydrilla. There are things you have to consider when you are looking at tributaries. Depth comes first, followed by the different types of cover, depending on the time of year. Most tournments on Sam Rayburn are won on basic structure. If you will stay with the basics and not try to find that one secret hole, you will find that you will do a lot better. Most of the creeks on Rayburn that run east to west, the north side will warm faster than all the other creek areas, as much as 4 or 5 degrees. Four out of the last five tournments were won with fish coming from along creeks or from more open water structure.

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